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Examples of "bottino"
He was born in San Ramón, Costa Rica to Luis Hine Ramírez and Enriqueta Saborío Iglesias. He married Ana María García Bottino, the daughter of Vespancio García Cuervo and Colomba Bottino Capiro, on June 17, 1904 in San José.
Malcolm Holzman FAIA, is an American architect, who practices in New York City, and is a founding partner of Holzman Moss Bottino Architecture (HMBA) and Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates (HHPA).
Discovered in the Italian Province of Lucca in 1852, it is named after Giuseppe Meneghini (1811–1889) of the University of Pisa, who first observed the species. The Bottino Mine in Lucca is the type locality.
The choir was consolidated during the 1960s by its conductor Riccardo Bottino (1960–1982). From 1982 the choir conductors were (1982–1993), with Vittorio Sicuri (1982–1990), and Andrés Máspero (from 1990). The present choir conductor is William Spaulding.
Adela Christian Bach Bottino (born 9 May 1959) is an Argentine-Mexican actress and producer of telenovelas. She is married to Mexican actor, director, and producer Humberto Zurita, with whom she has two sons, Sebastián and Emiliano.
Nadi was known for his real-life duels. At the 1920 Olympics he fought Italian weightlifter Filippo Bottino with a riding whip, while Bottino used a wooden beam. The duel ended very quickly as Nadi struck Bottino's hand, causing him to drop the weapon. Later Nadi fought and severely injured a journalist who had mocked him. He also challenged a fellow fencing champion Edoardo Mangiarotti because he felt that Mangiarotti was favored to him by the Italian Olympic Committee. Nadi proposed to use pistols, which Mangiarotti declined.
The knockout cup began with the 10th place playoff between the bottom two clubs in the 2009 season following Match Day 20, Tobago United and Police, on 1 September at Plymouth Recreation Grounds. The "Tobago Boys" came out on top by a score of 3–1 following goals from Collie Hercules, Benjamin Bottino, and Dwayne Jack.
The earliest roots for the club can be traced back to a club known as Associazione Sportiva Iona, founded by a president named Bottino. Due to financial constraints, the club was forced to fold and was refounded in 1948 as Societa Sportiva Giarre, in the town of Giarre the men who brought it about were;
Anxious to put an end to their boss' obsession with his one-time love, Steve Bottino and Gianluca Tempesti arrange for him to meet veterinarian Marisa Costa at a dance for singles at the local Italian club. On their first date, a deluded Jake confesses he is involved with another woman and suggests he and Marisa become friends rather than lovers.
ImaginOn: The Joe and Joan Martin Center is a collaborative venture of the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County (officially known as the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library) and the Children's Theater of Charlotte located in Charlotte, North Carolina. This landmark learning center opened on October 8, 2005. ImaginOn was designed by Gantt Huberman Architects and Holzman Moss Bottino Architecture, and is owned by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.
In part due to the 19th century urban renewal of Naples, the parish of San Gennaro al Vomero was established by Cardinal Guglielmo Sanfelice in this new reclaimed areas, and serve part of what had been the parish of Santa Maria del Soccorso all'Arenella. The architect was Luigi Bottino and the engineer Andrea Taglialatela. Construction began in 1892. The church was damaged during the 1930 earthquake and restored by 1931. Similar fate occurred after the 1980 earthquake, but restoration was slower.
The basalt at Mole Hill (and other igneous dikes in the area) was originally thought to be of Paleozoic age by relative age dating using cross-cutting relationships. In 1969, Fullagar and Bottino used K-Ar and Rb-Sr radiometric dating techniques to date rocks that they thought were temporally related to the Devonian Tioga Bentonite, but discovered that the rocks were actually a much younger age of approximately 47 million years, placing them in the Eocene.
The factor of 4 in front of the dispersion term in the calculation of "Ra" has been the subject of debate. There is some theoretical basis for the factor of four (see Ch 2 of Ref 1 and also. However, there are clearly systems (e.g. Bottino "et al.", "Solubility parameters of poly(vinylidene fluoride)" J. Polym. Sci. Part B: Polymer Physics 26(4), 785-79, 1988) where the regions of solubility are far more eccentric than predicted by the standard Hansen theory.
Filippo Bottino (9 December 1888 – 18 October 1969) was an Italian heavyweight weightlifter who won a gold medal at the 1920 Olympics. In 1922 he became the first Italian weightlifter to break a world record, in the press, and in 1924 he finished sixth at the Paris Olympics. He was made a Knight of the Italian Republic received the Medal of Honour for Sporting Merit.
In the second round, the turnout was 68.57%. The number of voters amounted to 3,642 voters with 3,509 expressing themselves. In the second round, the presidential majority list of "Ensemble pour Saint Jean" with its head, Pierre-Marie Charvoz collected 55.40% of the vote or 1,944 votes and won 23 seats. The list of "Saint Jean 10 000" conducted by Hervé Bottino, received 44.60% of the vote or 1,565 votes and was therefore awarded 6 seats. The other lists were not present in the second round.
In the municipal elections of March 2008, turnout of the first round was 65.46% with a total of 5,310 people registered to vote in the commune. The number of voters amounted to 3,476 voters which 3,393 expressed themselves. In the first round, the presidential majority list of "Ensemble pour Saint Jean" [Together for Sain Jean] with its head, Pierre-Marie Charvoz collected 46.95% of the vote or 1,593 votes. Followed by the list of "Saint Jean 10,000" led by Hervé Bottino, having received 34.39% of the vote or 1,169 votes. In third position, "Saint Jean à venir" [Saint Jean to come] list, headed by Christine Merlin got 13.26% of the votes or 450 votes. Finally the list "Vivons Saint Jean" [Live Saint Jean], led by Florence Arnoux Le Bras got 5.39% or 183 votes.
The district developed around a postern in the Roman Walls of Milan. While the origin of the name is uncertain, scholars suggest that it may be from the word "bottino", which, in hydraulics, refers to a drainage pit; in fact, a complex of sewerage and drainage structures where built in the area in the 1st Century. Over the centuries, the district evolved from a mostly military area (in late Roman times) to a popular neighborhood, which in the 18th Century featured a wine market. The area experienced decay and decline towards the 19th Century, and as of the early 20th Century it was described as dirty, devious place of prostitution and crime. This contrasted with the wealthy surroundings, and caused the growing indignation of the population of such surroundings.