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Examples of "boutaud"
Virginie Adèle Lydie Boutaud-Manent ("née" Boutaud; born February 27, 1963), also known mononymously as Virginie, is a French Brazilian singer, songwriter, classical guitarist, and former model and actress, famous for being the vocalist of the new wave bands Metrô and Virginie & Fruto Proibido.
The song's lyrics were written by Rubinho Jacobina, brother of the late musician Nélson Jacobina (who collaborated with Metrô in 2002, on their album "Déjà-Vu"), and the music was composed by the band's vocalist, Virginie Boutaud.
Além da Alienação (Portuguese for "Beyond the Alienation") is the third studio album by Brazilian new wave band João Penca e Seus Miquinhos Amestrados. It was released in 1988 by RCA Records. The album counts with a guest appearance by Virginie Boutaud of Metrô fame on the track "Sem Ilusões".
Roberto Carlos Echeverría Boutaud (born February 23, 1976 in Cunco, Araucanía) is a Chilean marathon runner. He set a personal best time of 2:15:37, by winning the 2008 Santiago Marathon, earning him a spot on the Chilean team for the Olympics.
A Mão de Mao (Portuguese for ""Mao's Hand"") is the second studio album by Brazilian new wave band Metrô, released in 1987 by Epic Records. It was the band's only album to feature Pedro d'Orey on vocals, replacing Virginie Boutaud who was fired the year prior.
By 1985 Metrô was one of the most successful Brazilian bands, extensively touring and performing in numerous variety shows of the time; however, then-vocalist Virginie Boutaud was growing exhausted from the band's convoluted touring schedule, and her bandmates planned to shift from the pop-influenced style of their previous album "Olhar" to a more "mature" and "daring" direction influenced by Cazuza, Legião Urbana and Titãs, who were some of the most influential Brazilian rock acts at the time. Numerous creative divergences and frictions led to a deterioration of the relations between Virginie and her bandmates, and she was eventually fired from the band in 1986.
A Gota Suspensa (Portuguese for ""The Suspended Drop"") is the only release by A Gota Suspensa, a Brazilian experimental/progressive rock band formed in São Paulo in 1978 and which would acquire bigger fame after changing its name to Metrô in 1984. As such, it comprised Virginie Boutaud on vocals, Alec Haiat on guitars, Yann Laouenan on keyboards, Xavier Leblanc on bass and Daniel "Dany" Roland on drums, plus saxophonist Marcel Zimberg, who left the band after they changed their name and musical direction. (Leblanc was busy studying during the album's recording sessions though, and for that was replaced by Tavinho Fialho.)
Crime Perfeito (Portuguese for ""Perfect Crime"") is the only release by Virginie & Fruto Proibido, a band fronted by Virginie Boutaud (famous for being the vocalist of new wave band Metrô) and also comprising Don Beto (guitar), Nilton Leonardi (bass) and Albino Infantozzi (drums). It was released in 1988 by Epic Records. The band was founded also in 1988, two years after Virginie was fired from Metrô due to "creative divergences", and ended in 1995 after she decided to retire from the musical business until 2002, when Metrô reformed and she was reunited with them.
Boutaud was born in São Paulo on February 27, 1963, to French emigrants. As a teenager she studied at the Lycée Pasteur, an school for French Brazilians, where she met Alec Haiat, Yann Laouenan, Daniel "Dany" Roland, Marcel Zimberg and Xavier Leblanc; with them she founded, in 1978, the experimental/progressive rock band A Gota Suspensa. After releasing a self-titled album in 1983, they decided to shift their musical direction towards a more accessible new wave sound inspired by Blondie, Laurie Anderson and Rita Lee, among others, and in the following year, they changed their name to Metrô. Their first release as Metrô was the single "Beat Acelerado", via Epic Records.
Déjà-Vu is the third and currently last studio album by Brazilian synthpop band Metrô, released in 2002 by independent label Trama. Their first album of new material in 15 years after they first broke up, it reunited them with former vocalist Virginie Boutaud, who had been fired from the band in 1986. Original guitarist Alec Haiat decided not to partake in the band's reunion though due to his involvement with other projects at the time and other personal reasons, and so was replaced by André Fonseca. Xavier Leblanc, who was also very busy with his then-newly founded French bistro, La Tartine, only acted as a session member on the track "Achei Bonito", being subsequently replaced by Pedro Albuquerque until the band separated again in 2004.
Kilien Stengel (born 1972 in Nevers (Nièvre)), is a French gastronomic author, restaurateur, and cookbook writer. He worked at Gidleigh Park, Nikko Hotels, Georges V Hotel in Paris, and in a lot of restaurants Relais & Châteaux (Marc Meneau, Jacques Lameloise...). He was a teacher of Gastronomy at the Académie of Paris and of Orléans-Tours. Actually, Kilien Stengel work now at the European Institute for the History and Culture of Food, in the François Rabelais University. He is captain of a culinary book fair, en directot of a collection book (L'harmattan éditor). Usually, he work for Ministère de l'Éducation nationale teacher competition, Meilleur Ouvrier de France award, and Masterchef France. In 2015 his PhD (Doctorat de 3e cycle) in Information science is supervised by J-J. Boutaud.
The band that would become Metrô was founded in 1978, under the name A Gota Suspensa ("The Suspended Drop"), by six friends (all of them coincidentally French Brazilians) who studied together at the Lycée Pasteur in São Paulo: former model and actress Virginie Boutaud (vocals), Alec Haiat (guitar), Marcel Zimberg (sax), Yann Laouenan (keyboards), Xavier Leblanc (bass) and Daniel "Dany" Roland (drums). They were originally an experimental/progressive rock ensemble heavily inspired by acts such as Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Novos Baianos and the "Tropicalista" movement, among others, and toured extensively around Brazil to perform in numerous music festivals. In 1983 they released a self-titled album via independent label Underground Discos e Artes; despite being a commercial failure, it was very well received by the critics, and acquired a strong cult following as years went by.
In 1978 he founded, alongside his schoolmates of the Lycée Pasteur in São Paulo Virginie Boutaud, Alec Haiat, Xavier Leblanc, Yann Laouenan and Marcel Zimberg, the experimental/progressive rock band A Gota Suspensa, which released a self-titled album in 1983; in the following year, A Gota Suspensa changed its name to Metrô, acquiring higher fame. Roland left Metrô in 1987, a couple of months after the release of their second album, "A Mão de Mao", to pursue other musical projects; in the following year, Metrô split up. Alongside his former Metrô bandmate Xavier Leblanc Roland briefly played for the experimental rock band Okotô, and after moving to Brussels, Belgium in the early 1990s with Yann Laouenan, he founded the alternative rock band The Passengers (not to be mistaken with an earlier, also Belgian band formed in the late 1970s which later came to be known as The Names) alongside Diako Diakoff, Denis Moulin, TC and Jack Roskam; they released a fairly successful eponymous album in 1992.