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Examples of "boutillier"
Arthur Moren Boutillier (October 16, 1869 – February 24, 1955) was a farmer and Canadian federal politician.
Boutillier was elected to the Canadian House of Commons under the Progressive banner. He defeated Liberal candidate Gorden Charles by a wide plurality. Boutillier did not run for re-election when Parliament dissolved in 1926.
Thomas Boutillier (October 9, 1797 – December 8, 1861) was a Quebec doctor and political figure.
Episode Three: Bride of the Wolfman. "Director: Bruce Seth Green / Writer: Kate Boutillier"
Rémi Boutillier (born 15 January 1990 in Briançon) is a French tennis player.
He was born in Saint John in Jersey, the son of Josué Le Boutillier and Anne Amy, and settled at Paspébiac in 1827. At first, he apprenticed as a clerk with Charles Robin and Company. In 1838, Le Boutillier entered the trade in salt cod, forming the company Le Boutillier Brothers. The company had fishing operations in Gaspé, New Brunswick and Labrador and traded with the West Indies and ports on the Mediterranean. Le Boutillier did not run for reelection to the assembly in 1854. He is thought to have never married and probably died at Paspébiac.
John Le Boutillier or John Le Bouthillier (1797 – July 31, 1872) was a Quebec businessman and political figure.
Boutillier's father, Arthur Moren Boutillier, represented Vegreville in the Canadian House of Commons from 1925 to 1926 as member of the Progressive Party.
His uncle Joseph Papineau and his cousins Denis-Benjamin Papineau and Louis-Joseph Papineau were prominent politicians in Lower Canada. His sister Eugénie married Thomas Boutillier.
Rémi Boutillier and Maxime Teixeira won the tournament, defeating Guilherme Clezar and Nicolás Kicker in the final, 6–3, 4–6, [10–8].
Boutillier won his first ATP Challenger title at the 2015 Internationaux de Tennis de BLOIS in the doubles event partnering Maxime Teixeira.
His brother Joseph and his son André-Benjamin Papineau also served in the assembly. His nephews Louis-Joseph Papineau and Denis-Benjamin Papineau were prominent politicians in Canada East. His daughter Eugénie married Thomas Boutillier, another prominent politician.
Rémi Boutillier and Maxime Teixeira were the defending champions, but only Teixeira defended his title partnering Maxime Chazal. Teixeira lost in the first round to Alejandro González and Luis David Martínez.
There was a disastrous fire in 1964 that destroyed most of the original Robin buildings on Paspébiac Beach. The remaining ones on the site, which include the large Le Boutillier Bros warehouse, form the Site Historique du Banc de Paspébiac.
In 1492, John of Luxembourg, with its Burgundian and Raoul Le Boutillier, with 300 English, seized the castle Hélicourt, under an order of the Earl of Warwick, September 30, 1422, the castle was demolished Hélicourt thoroughly
Boutillier's son, Herbert R. Boutillier, was a Co-operative Commonwealth Federation candidate in the 1940 federal election. In 1955 he died in Edmonton, where he had moved after retiring in 1947.
Yvonne Oddon was an early resister of German occupation of France in the Second World War. While serving as the Head Librarian of the musée de l'Homme, she had sent books and clothing to French prisoners of war. With Lucie Boutillier du Rétail, Oddon helped prisoners escape and find shelter and food as well as safe haven.
Herbert R. Boutillier was a farmer, and was active in farm organizations. Living a riding with a large Ukrainian Canadian population, he learned to speak the Ukrainian language passably. He received 1,658 votes (11.78%) in 1940, finishing fourth against Social Credit candidate Anthony Hlynka. He later died at age 52.
Dimitri Uzunidis has published and edited many books on international economics and on economics of innovation (see the list below). The research he has developed with Sophie Boutillier on the entrepreneur and the dynamics of capitalism has given rise in some major publications at the international level.
David Le Boutillier (October 14, 1811 – 1854) was a political figure in Canada East. He represented Bonaventure in the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada from 1852 to 1854 as a Reformer. His name also appears as David Le Bouthillier.