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Examples of "boxberg"
Boxberg (also: "Boxberg/O.L." or "Boxberg/Oberlausitz", ) is a municipality in the Görlitz district in Saxony, Germany. The place is known for its large Boxberg Power Station, using lignite as combustible.
Boxberg Power Station (in German commonly referred as "Kraftwerk Boxberg") is a lignite-fired power station with three units at Boxberg, near Weißwasser, Saxony, Eastern Germany. Since the late 1990s, its capacity amounts to 1,900 MW and was acquired by Vattenfall Europe, a subdivision of Vattenfall, in 2001.
Christian Ludwig Boxberg (Sondershausen 24 April 1670Görlitz 1 December 1729) was a German composer and organist.
former independent villages that are part of Boxberg municipality since the 1970s:
In feudal times, the village belonged to the Electoral-Trier "Amt" of Daun. The Niederehe Monastery owned landholdings at “Bocksberg”, which under French rule were auctioned off. Under Prussian administration, Boxberg was a municipality in the "Bürgermeisterei" (“Mayoralty”) of Sarmersbach. In the course of administrative restructuring in 1970, Boxberg was assigned to the "Verbandsgemeinde" of Kelberg.
Klitten () is a village and a former municipality in the district Görlitz, Saxony, Germany. Since 1 February 2009, it is part of the municipality Boxberg.
• Power Plant Boxberg, Germany – Great amounts of formwork and scaffolding equipment as well as an intensive technical supervision were Hünnebeck’s main contributions to this large-scale project.
There are several lignite-fired power stations in the area around Cottbus (Lausitz). The biggest stations are "Schwarze Pumpe" (1600 MW), "Boxberg" (1900 MW) and "Jänschwalde" (3000 MW).
Until 1970, the municipality belonged to the "Verbandsgemeinde" of Daun, when it, along with Beinhausen, Boxberg, Brück, Hörschhausen and Neichen, was annexed to the "Verbandsgemeinde" of Kelberg.
Until 1970, the municipality belonged to the "Verbandsgemeinde" of Daun, when it, along with Beinhausen, Boxberg, Brück, Hörschhausen and Katzwinkel, was annexed to the "Verbandsgemeinde" of Kelberg.
Boxberg is a town in the Main-Tauber district, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is situated 16 km south of Tauberbischofsheim.
The citizens of Boxberg are roughly 90% Roman Catholic and belong to the parish of St. Hubertus Beinhausen with its parish church at Hilgerath.
Schwarzer Schöps is a river of Saxony, Germany. It is a right tributary of the Spree, which it joins northwest of Boxberg.
Weißer Schöps is a river of Saxony, Germany. It is a right tributary of the Schwarzer Schöps, which it joins near Boxberg.
Bärwalder See is a lake in Boxberg municipality, Görlitz district, Saxony, Germany. At an elevation of 125 m, its surface area is 12.99 km².
The other halves of the fiefs of Rohrbach and Rückweiler were held by the family Gauwer von Lichtenberg, and thereafter by Hildebrand von Boxberg. Owing to disputes between Count of Veldenz Stephan and Lord of Oberstein Wyrich von Dhaun, a judicial decision on 26 January 1440 stipulated that the Boxberg fief of Rohrbach, Rückweiler and Würtzweiler was to be awarded in whole to the House of Veldenz.
Part of the original landscape was destroyed by the brown coal open-cast mine around the Boxberg Power Station, however the pits left behind have been flooded and now form a new part of the countryside.
Boxberg is an "Ortsgemeinde" – a municipality belonging to a "Verbandsgemeinde", a kind of collective municipality – in the Vulkaneifel district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It belongs to the "Verbandsgemeinde" of Kelberg, whose seat is in the like-named municipality.
Klitten () is a railway station near the village of Klitten, Boxberg municipality, Saxony, Germany. The station lies on the Węgliniec–Roßlau railway, train services are operated by Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn.
Countess Marie Festetics von Tolna (1839-1923), was an Austro-Hugarian Countess and a member of the House of Festetics de Tolna. She was daughter of Count Sandor Festetics de Tolna(1805-1877) and Baroness Josephine von Boxberg(1811-1892).