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Examples of "boyracer"
Kittridge Records Sampler – Homemade Hits - featuring Boyracer (Kittridge) 2005 / MA
Boyracer – Absence Makes the Heart Grow Harder (Foxyboy) 2004 / MA
Boyracer was an English indie rock group from Wetherby.
Boyracer - Check Yr Fkn’ History EP (555) 2003 / MA
Boyracer – Yorkshire Soul 7"vinyl (Yellow Mica) 2004 / MA
Boyracer – Happenstance LP Vinyl reissue (555) 2009/ MA
Boyracer – Flickering B&W- played guitar solo on track #6 (555) 2006 / MA
Boyracer – Lathe Cut 10" vinyl Winners Losers Cuts & Bruises (555) 2005 / MA
Boyracer – Sunlight is the Best Antiseptic VINYL release (555) 2008 / MA
Boyracer – We Have Such Gifts - Lathe Cut 8" Vinyl (555) 2004 / MA
Boyracer – Insults and Insights - played on song Smile on Cue (Kittridge) 2005 / MA
Boyracer – A Punch Up the Bracket - features 5 songs recorded at Broadmoor (555) 2006 / E-MA
The Boyracer e.p. garnered 3 and half stars out of 5 on Allmusic.
Boyracer – Punker Than You Since ’92 – 2xCD discography compilation (555) 2006 / MA
Boyracer – Happenstance – features the song Christopher recorded at Broadmoor (HHBTM - Happy Happy Birthday to Me) 2004 / MA
Boyracer –It’s not True Grit It’s Real Dirt 7" (555/Pop Gun) co-wrote & played guitar 2005 / E-MA
The Boyracer e.p. is the second EP by The Brunettes. It was released in 2003 on Lil' Chief Records.
Slumberland Records is an American independent record label, formed in 1989 in Washington, D.C. area and currently based in Oakland, California. The label has released recordings from artists including Velocity Girl, Honeybunch, Lilys, Stereolab, Evans The Death, St. Christopher, Boyracer, Beatnik Filmstars, 14 Iced Bears, and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.
Jigsaw Records is an American independent record label, based in Seattle. The label was started in 1995 by Chris McFarlane and has released recordings from artists including Boyracer, Rocketship, Blooper, Spraydog and Summer Twins, among others. In 2015, McFarlane also opened a retail space for Jigsaw Records in the Seattle district of Ballard.
The label's first release was the debut LP of Bree's band The Brunettes. Released October 2002, "Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks" was a joint release with EMI New Zealand. The album received a glowing review from Allmusic, as did the label's second release, The Brunette's 2003 "The Boyracer EP". Bree produced both albums.