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Examples of "bracefield"
The first Europeans to stumble into the area were ticket-of-leave men and escaped convicts from the Penal Settlement at Moreton Bay. One convict, named David Bracefield lived with the Kabi Kabi tribe and was given the name "Wandi". Bracefield was later adopted by Ngumundi, an indigenous warrior and chieftain of the Kabi Kabi tribe whose name was later used to name the town of Eumundi.
The town name is thought to be derived from ""Ngumundi"" or ""Huomundy"". This is the name of a local Aboriginal warrior said to have adopted escaped convict Bracefield as his son in 1831.
Eliza was found by John Graham, an escaped Irish convict who had lived for six years with the natives of Wide Bay and had mastered their language. Whether John Graham acted alone in rescuing Eliza is a matter of some conjecture. For many years her rescuer was thought to have been another escaped convict David Bracewell (not Bracefell or Bracefield as is frequently written). Bracewell became the rescuer of legend - a legend enhanced by the equally false tale that Bracewell had led Eliza overland to the outskirts of present-day Brisbane where, rather than, as promised, seeking his pardon in return for his assistance, she threatened to betray him for having taken advantage of her. Official records show, to the contrary, that it was the convict John Graham who walked with her from Fig Tree Point, a corroboree ground near Lake Cootharaba north of present-day Noosa onto the ocean beach near present-day Teewah. Here they met the waiting Lieutenant Otter and his small band of soldiers and convict volunteers. They proceeded north along the beach to the main rescue party waiting at Double Island Point from where Eliza was taken by longboat to the Penal Settlement at Moreton Bay.