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Examples of "bracht"
Bracht is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
The position of Gauleiter in Upper Silesia was held by Fritz Bracht throughout the short history of the Gau. Bracht, who was not a powerful figure in the Nazi hierarchy, committed suicide in May 1945.
While at Freiburg, Bracht made important contributions involving the pathological study of rheumatic myocarditis. With Hermann Julius Gustav Wächter, he described the eponymous "Bracht-Wachter bodies", defined as myocardial microabscesses seen in the presence of bacterial endocarditis.
Rauschenberg consists of the following centres: Albshausen, Bracht, Ernsthausen, Josbach, Rauschenberg, Schwabendorf and Wolfskaute.
Clemens Emil Franz Bracht (23 November 1877 – 26 November 1933) was a German jurist and politician.
All tracks written by Bacolas, Bergstrom, Bracht and Snyder, except where noted.
Kai Bracht (born 27 April 1978) is a retired German ski jumper.
All lyrics by Travis Bracht, except where noted. All music by Dudley Taft, except where noted.
Editors: Ravinder Basra, Mary Bracht, Stephanie Cooper, Pamela Gough, Ian McNab, Angela Shoosmith.
Eugen Felix Prosper Bracht (3 June 1842 – 5 November 1921) was a German landscape painter.
Erich Franz Eugen Bracht (5 June 1882 – 1969) was a German pathologist and gynaecologist born in Berlin.
The Bracht, a tributary of the Kinzig, flows through the "Tal" (valley) so the municipality got the name "Brachttal."
Bracht–Wachter bodies are a finding in infective endocarditis consisting of yellow-white miliary spots in the myocardium.
As the Red Army marched into Germany, Bracht and his wife both committed suicide by poisoning themselves with potassium cyanide.
Hermann Julius Gustav Wächter (1878 – c. 1944) was a German physician remembered for describing Bracht-Wachter bodies in infective endocarditis.
Travis Bracht is a Seattle-based singer and guitarist best known for his work with the post-grunge band Second Coming. He has also been a member of the bands Peace and Silence and Soulbender. Bracht has also fronted the band Post Modern Heroes alongside almost every other member of his first band Peace and Silence.
When von Werner died, Bracht finished a panorama of the "Battle of Sedan" which Werner had begun. Later he became a representative of German Impressionism.
They were described by two Germans, Erich Franz Eugen Bracht, a pathologist and obstetrician-gynecologist, and Hermann Julius Gustav Wächter, a physician.
Uwe Bracht (10 July 1953 – 11 November 2016) was a German football player. He spent eleven seasons in the Bundesliga with SV Werder Bremen.
The fastest time of 7:59:16 was set by Timo Bracht during the Ironman European Championship 2009 at Frankfurt, Germany.