Synonyms for brandegea or Related words with brandegea

echinopepon              quadrangulare              jurinea              erythrocarpus              ibervillea              corallocarpus              tylophora              ptilostemon              herbacea              bolbostemma              androgynus              lychnophora              lonchocarpus              vaseyanthus              eriophylla              otanthus              pseuderanthemum              bellevalia              knema              secamone              dependens              alseodaphne              umbrosum              lepechinia              quiotania              orbiculatus              diphysa              monantha              cayaponia              picris              cheiranthus              alternifolius              trilobata              laurifolius              parvifolium              andryala              hieracioides              tetrapleura              sphaerocephala              wilbrandia              eumecanthus              subsessilis              hybanthus              mitracarpus              laportea              microcarpum              ramosissima              pseudostifftia              tabernaemontana              condensatum             

Examples of "brandegea"
Brandegea is a monotypic genus containing the single species Brandegea bigelovii, the desert starvine. This sprawling perennial vine in the squash family is native to the deserts of California, Arizona, and northern Mexico. The distinctive small, dark-green leaves are variable in shape but are usually a deeply lobed long-fingered palmate shape. They are heavily speckled with white oil glands. The vine bears tendrils, tiny five-pointed white flowers only 2 or 3 millimeters wide, and small, dry, prickly fruits 5 or 6 millimeters in length and holding a single seed. The plant grows from a deep taproot.