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brandishing              brandishes              toting              nightsticks              truncheon              wielding              bludgeons              nightstick              bashed              dodged              lunged              hurls              decapitating              decapitates              unholstered              machetes              parangs              scabbards              derringers              pitchforks              lobbed              holstering              holstered              packin              disarms              truncheons              tased              matchlock              pickaxes              bashes              bardiche              cudgels              wields              kalashnikovs              yelled              uzis              dodges              bazookas              confiscates              impales              taunted              handcuffing              stomped              annies              shurikens              handcuffed              pummeled              manhandled              handload              shoves             

Examples of "brandished"
The peasant took a clasp knife from his pocket. He opened the long blade and brandished it at my mother.
Asked once how far Sparta's boundaries stretched, he brandished his spear and said, "As far as this can reach."
On Mother's Day, May 14, 2006, Hollins was one of more than 50 hitters who brandished a pink bat to benefit the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.
On Mother's Day, May 14, 2006, Teixeira was one of more than 50 hitters who brandished a pink bat to benefit the Breast Cancer Foundation.
In response, the United States sustained a massive anti-communist ideological offensive. The United States aimed to contain communism through both aggressive diplomacy and interventionist policies. In retrospect, this initiative appears largely successful: Washington brandished its role as the leader of the "Free World" at least as effectively as the Soviet Union brandished its position as the leader of the "progressive" and "anti-imperialist" camp.
On Mother's Day, May 14, 2006, Kotsay was one of more than 50 hitters who brandished a pink bat to benefit the Breast Cancer Foundation. He was one of a handful of players to hit a pink bat home run.
Particular grievous was a street corner meeting held July 8 in Brownsville, New York at the corner of Hopkinson and Pitkin Avenues, which had been attacked by "official 'Communist' hooligans who brandished knives, iron knuckles, and other weapons."
On April 16, 2010, Simcox's third wife was granted an order of protection after she alleged that Simcox "brandished a gun and threatened to shoot her, their children and any police officers who tried to protect them."
"I'll kill you," he growled. Then he walked over to me and brandished the knife over my head. "We'll have a nice little pogrom. We'll kill all the goddam Jews in this goddam town."
The Minoan Snake Goddess brandished a serpent in either hand, perhaps evoking her role as source of wisdom, rather than her role as Mistress of the Animals ("Potnia theron"), with a leopard under each arm.
On the 18 January 1972, the door of his house off the Albertbridge Road was knocked by two teenagers. Agnew's six-year-old son opened the door, the teenagers brandished guns and opened fire on Agnew, shooting him several times.
During the 2011 Copa Libertadores group stage match between Santos and Colo-Colo he brandished a record 14 cards, five of them being red (three for Santos players and two for Colo-Colo).
It was Braithwaite's poker that Ludwig Wittgenstein reportedly brandished at Karl Popper during their confrontation at a Moral Sciences Club meeting in Braithwaite's rooms in King's. The implement subsequently disappeared.
Arthur and Ron Hacker formed the company Hacker Radio Ltd in Maidenhead in 1959, producers of fine transistor radios that for a time in the 1970s brandished the Royal Warrant of Appointment
At the end of the poem, the valkyries sing "start we swiftly with steeds unsaddled—hence to battle with brandished swords!" The poem may have influenced the concept of the Three Witches in Shakespeare's "Macbeth".
The king then brandished the sword three times. The king was then crowned with the Holy Crown as the Archbishop said the formula "Accept this royal crown," etc. Next the king was given the Scepter with the formula:
He died on June 8, 2005 in Makati City. He was passing by a bar in Makati City when a drunk male patron suddenly brandished a firearm and shot several people, including the director.
Legislative appointment was brandished as a possibility in the 2000 election. Had the recount continued, the Florida legislature was prepared to appoint the Republican slate of electors to avoid missing the federal safe-harbor deadline for choosing electors.
Teng Bunma has been described as "trigger-happy tycoon" following incidents where he used or brandished hand guns. In the first incident he shot out a $3000 tire of an airplane on the tarmac after complaining that he was frustrated with the airline's service. ""I lost my temper and control and had to shoot one of the plane's tires. I wanted to shoot more of them, to make sure that all were flat, but there were a lot of passengers surrounding the plane."". In the second incident he brandished a gun inside an airplane and demanded the crew delay takeoff until his late friends arrived.
In the original trial, the defendant (Alleyne) was convicted of using or carrying a firearm in a violent crime, which carried a mandatory minimum penalty of five years' imprisonment. However, the mandatory minimum would rise to seven years if the accused were found to have "brandished" the firearm during the crime, and to ten years if he had fired it. In the original trial, the judge (not the jury) determined that Alleyne had probably brandished the firearm during the robbery, which caused the mandatory minimum sentence to rise to seven years (which was the sentence imposed).