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Examples of "brandmeier"
In 2009, Jonathon "Johnny B." Brandmeier exited WLUP.
Richter wrote for the short-lived Jonathan Brandmeier television show.
With the demise of Huckabee's show, WJXY/WXJY added Dennis Miller. When Miller retired, WJXY/WXJY added Jonathon Brandmeier, known as "Johnny B", in the early afternoon. Mike Gallagher preceded Brandmeier each weekday.
Jonathon "Johnny B" Brandmeier (born July 15, 1956) is a Chicago radio personality and musician.
As of September 6, 2012, Buzz is back on the air with Jonathon Brandmeier on WGN.
Brandmeier, known as Johnny B., became a star in The Windy City at WLUP-FM Chicago. His show on KZZP featured prank phone calls, parody songs which Brandmeier himself usually wrote, sang and recorded and a cast of regular characters. When Brandmeier went to Chicago's WLUP, Western Cities won an injunction to keep him off the air in that market until his contract with KZZP had expired. As of July 2012, Brandmeier hosts mornings on Chicago's WGWG-LP for a reported seven-figure salary.
Born John Francis Brandmeier to a German father and a Lebanese mother, Brandmeier started his radio career in 1973 at WFON in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. When he was 18 he joined WOSH in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, later working as a DJ at WYNE (now WHBY) in Appleton, Wisconsin, then at KLIV in San Jose, California, then as the morning jock at WYBR-FM (now WXRX) in Rockford, Illinois, and then in 1980 at WOKY in Milwaukee. In February 1981, he was brought on as the KZZP morning DJ in Phoenix, Arizona, where he participated in prank phone calls and silly song parodies. In 1982, Brandmeier released his first album "Just Havin' Fun."
In January 1998, Wolf returned to Chicago's radio airwaves as the morning news and sports anchor for host Jonathon Brandmeier on WCKG-FM. "I stand on the shoulders of the giants of news broadcasting-Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite and (Chicago newsman and past Brandmeier sidekick) Buzz Kilman," Wolf joked to the Chicago Sun-Times in January 1998. By December 1998, Wolf's contract was not renewed at WCKG after Brandmeier brought back his old colleague, Buzz Kilman. "Radio is a game of musical chairs. I almost worked with Buzz at the Loop last year. And I've known Buzz since he was middle-aged," Wolf joked to the Chicago Sun-Times in December 1998.
Buzz has continued with Brandmeier, now on Westwood One's nationwide talk radio lineup on 100-plus affiliates, including airing on WLS-AM in Chicago.
In 2005, Emmis brought back Jonathon Brandmeier to do mornings on The Loop and hired Zakk Tyler to host afternoon drive. Erin Carmen began hosting middays in 2006.
Since switching to the talk format, WFEA broadcasts syndicated shows hosted by Doug Stephan, Laura Ingraham, Jonathan Brandmeier, Howie Carr, Mark Levin, John Batchelor and Jon Grayson.
Leatherman has appeared on national talk shows such as the "Late Show with David Letterman", "The Oprah Winfrey Show", "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", "Opie and Anthony", "The Howard Stern Show", Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, "The Caroline Rhea Show" and many others. He has also been profiled in the pages of Time Magazine, People, Entertainment Weekly, "Life", "Vanity Fair" and "The New York Times". Leatherman also appears regularly with "Jonathon Brandmeier" on the Brandmeier Show on Westwood One.
On November 20, 2014, Chicago media blogger Robert Feder reported that WGN management planned to end operation of both WGWG-LP (87.7 The Game) and internet station WGN.FM on December 31, 2014. Jonathan Brandmeier and Garry Meier were released and their programs canceled immediately, with repeat shows airing through the end of December. While Brandmeier was reportedly not under contract with Tribune Media at the time of his release, Meier's contract with Tribune continued through September 2015.
On April Fool's Day, 1980, he went to WLUP-FM in Chicago and did news for "The Steve Dahl Show". After Dahl was fired in 1981, Kilman did news for a series of morning personalities until he teamed up with Jonathon Brandmeier in 1983 on WLUP. As newsman and sidekick, Kilman broadcast with Brandmeier for 14 years on the Loop and AM-1000. Buzz became the morning man at the Loop for one year when Brandmeier left the station during a contract dispute in 1997. Kilman moved to WCKG in January, 1999 to rejoin Brandmeier. Stalled contract negotiations between CBS and Brandmeier in January, 2001 caused Kilman to do the mid-day show alone, and thus the "Temporary Buzz Kilman Show" was born. Shortly thereafter, Wendy Snyder was brought on as a co-host for the now temporary-less "Buzz Kilman Show". The show culminated with the "Blobus Festivus" outdoor music and variety show. On April 1, 2002, the duo moved to afternoons as sidekicks for the Steve Dahl show, replacing Joy Masada and Dave McBride. Wendy's contract was not renewed in the winter of 2007.
All of the music was written by Masakazu Yoshizawa. The group was made up of him, Tateo Takahashi, Hirome Hashibe, Daniel May and Jimmy Brandmeier. However, in 2007, Yoshizawa died aged 57 of stomach cancer.
It is affiliated with Fox News Radio and on weekdays features Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Brian Kilmeade, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, and This Morning, America's First News with Gordon Deal. Weekends include Glenn Beck and Jonathan Brandmeier.
WJCW airs a local morning show entitled "Thinking Out Loud" with hosts Tim Cable and Carl Swann, as well as Chris Plante, The Rush Limbaugh Show, The Savage Nation, Mark Levin, Jonathan Brandmeier, Jim Bohannon, and others.
On December 2, 2011, WGN announced that longtime Chicago radio personality Jonathon Brandmeier would replace Jarrett in the morning time-slot in a shift to a more personality-based program.
The station also now airs syndicated programming from Laura Ingraham, Jonathon Brandmeier, , Phil Valentine, Clark Howard, John Batchelor, and Michael Medved. "America at Night" and "America in the Morning with Jim Bohannon" are also featured.
Popular disc jockeys that have worked for WXRX include Jonathon Brandmeier, Tim Crull, Cheryl Jackson as K.C. Meadows, Sky Drysdale, Alan Cox, Jamie Markley, Mark Zander as Mark Edwards, Lori Hastings, and Pete McMurray.