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Examples of "brecken"
He was born in England, the son of John Brecken, an early member of the provincial assembly. Brecken served as speaker for the provincial assembly from 1812 to 1813, was also lieutenant in the county militia and served as a justice of the peace. Brecken married Matilda, the daughter of Joseph Robinson.
His son Ralph and his grandson John Brecken also served in the colony's assembly.
Brecken is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:
His son Frederick de St Croix Brecken served in the provincial assembly and the Canadian House of Commons.
In 1881, after it was discovered that the cashier (Joseph Brecken, son of former president Ralph Brecken) had made irresponsibly large loans, the bank was closed, and liquidated over the next several years (1882–87). The Bank of Prince Edward Island was the first in Canada to file for bankruptcy.
Ralph Brecken (1770 – July 1, 1813) was a merchant and political figure in Prince Edward Island. He represented Queens County in the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island
His son John also served in the provincial assembly and his grandson Frederick de St Croix Brecken was a member of the assembly and also served in the Canadian House of Commons.
Paul Ralph Brecken (born: 1886 Halifax, Nova Scotia died: September 4, 1960, Calgary, Alberta) was a municipal and provincial level politician and World War I veteran and teacher from Alberta, Canada.
George Brecken Nicholson (17 March 1868 – 1 January 1935) was a Conservative and Unionist member of the Canadian House of Commons. He was born in Crapaud, Prince Edward Island and became a lumber merchant.
The Assembly sat at the pleasure of the Governor of Prince Edward Island, William Townshend. Ralph Brecken was elected speaker; James Curtis became speaker after Brecken's death in 1813.
John Brecken (died March 6, 1827) was an English-born United Empire Loyalist, merchant and political figure. He was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island from 1785 to 1787.
John Brecken (February 23, 1800 – November 2, 1847) was a businessman and political figure in Prince Edward Island. He represented Charlottetown in the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island from 1829 to 1834.
Paul Brecken was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta as a member of the Conservative party in the 1952 Alberta general election. Paul served 1 term in the Legislative Assembly before his defeat in the 1955 Alberta general election.
On the outskirts of Vegas, a high-stakes race event is being held, with Michael, Infamous, Hollywood producer Jerry Brecken and Chinese businessman Marcus Cheng placing their bets over who has the better car. When Infamous' driver fakes an ankle injury, Natasha becomes Infamous' driver in exchange for $300,000 and a recording contract. However, she is unaware that Infamous has to place her on his wager, as Michael - who has been obsessed with her since watching her band perform on stage earlier - has placed four platinum bars at stake. At the same time, Brecken wagers his brand-new Enzo Ferrari on Natasha.
He was born in Charlottetown, the son of Ralph Brecken, who had served as speaker in the provincial assembly, and Matilda Robinson, the daughter of Joseph Robinson. When he was thirteen, his father died and his mother took over the operation of the business. Brecken served as deputy treasurer for the colony and resident director for the Bank of British North America. In 1826, he married Margaret Leah de St Croix. He was named to the colony's Council in 1834, serving until his death in Charlottetown in 1847.
Paul Brecken served 2 stints as an Alderman for the City of Calgary. The first was a period of a year from January 1, 1948 to December 31, 1949. He then served his last stint as Alderman from January 1, 1952 to September 4, 1960 the date of his death. He also served as a provincial representative during the years 1952 to 1955.
In 1857 the Bank of PEI temporarily closed (citing a provision in their original charter, they suspended all financial transactions for three months) after the directors discovered that the bank president and cashier had made loans that exceeded their capital. The cashier (William Cundall) remained at the bank while the president (Ralph Brecken) resigned.
Frederick de St. Croix Brecken, QC (December 9, 1828 – October 14, 1903) was a lawyer and political figure in Prince Edward Island. He represented Charlottetown in the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island from 1873 to 1876 and Queen's County in the Canadian House of Commons from 1878 to 1882 and from 1883 to 1884 as a Conservative member.
During the voyage, Silver escapes his shackles, throws the sea cook overboard and claims the position for himself. He then persuades the crew and other captives to commit mutiny and they take the ship, only to find that Hawkins and Van Der Brecken are against them. During their parley, the Spanish attack the ship. The crew and mutineers must fight together to save themselves. Silver takes Isabella hostage and confiscates a long boat with Hawkins, Van Der Brecken, and Morgan on board and they row to safety. After many adventures, they arrive on Jamaica. There, Hawkins discovers that the plantation manager is defrauding Trelawney by selling molasses on the black market. They also discover that he is in league with the Governor to steal the map of Treasure Island and claim the treasure that is left there. Many adventures follow which culminate in everybody converging on Treasure Island for a final battle.
He was born in Charlottetown, the son of John Brecken and Margaret Leah de St. Croix. He was educated in Charlottetown and then articled in law with Robert Hodgson, continuing his studied at Lincoln's Inn and the Inner Temple in London. On his return, he was called to the bar and set up practice in Charlottetown with Thomas Heath Haviland. In 1858, Brecken married Helen Leith Boyd Emslie. In 1875, he was named Queen's Counsel. He was named attorney general in 1859. When that post became elective in 1863, he ran successfully for a seat in the island's assembly and served in the Executive Council as Attorney General from 1870 to 1872 and 1873 to 1876. He was defeated in the provincial election of 1876. Brecken ran unsuccessfully for a seat in the House of Commons in 1873. He was defeated for the federal seat by John Theophilus Jenkins in 1882 but was declared elected in 1883 after an appeal. In 1884, he was named postmaster of Charlottetown and continued to serve in that post until his death in Charlottetown in 1903.