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Examples of "breitenbrunn"
Breitenbrunn is also known for its "Staatliche Studienakademie Breitenbrunn" (Breitenbrunn State Academy). Here roughly 300 students are taught by the dual principle in the fields of tourism economics, industry and welfare.
In Catholic times, Breitenbrunn first belonged to the Parish of Schwarzenberg. Later, a chapel consecrated to Saint Peter was built, making Breitenbrunn into a Schwarzenberg branch parish. Even after the Reformation, a dependent relationship was maintained for the time being. Now, however, Breitenbrunn was a daughter community of the newly established parish of Grünstädtel.
From 20–25 May 2008 in Breitenbrunn/Neusiedlersee, Österreich.
in the district Unterallgäu: Stetten, Kammlach, Oberrieden, Pfaffenhausen and Breitenbrunn;
Lützelbach’s "Ortsteile" are Lützel-Wiebelsbach (the community’s administrative seat), Seckmauern, Haingrund, Breitenbrunn and Rimhorn.
Weißflog was born in Erlabrunn (now a part of Breitenbrunn, Saxony) in the Erzgebirge range.
The community has the following "Gemarkungen" (traditional rural cadastral areas): Breitenbrunn, Faulbach.
Breitenbrunn is a municipality in the district of Neumarkt in Bavaria in Germany.
Fällbach is a river of Saxony, Germany. It is a left tributary of the Schwarzwasser, which it joins near Breitenbrunn.
Breitenbrunn is a municipality in the district of Unterallgäu in Bavaria, Germany. The town has a municipal association with Pfaffenhausen.
Bordering on Breitenbrunn are Johanngeorgenstadt, the health resort of Oberwiesenthal and the town of Schwarzenberg, all in the Erzgebirgskreis.
Breitenbrunn lies on a mountain ridge stretching from the Schwarzwasser Valley on east. It is surrounded by, among other mountains, the Rabenberg and the Sauberg.
Of special historic importance is the Breitenbrunn Papermill found in the town, from which, among others, Johann Sebastian Bach got his notepaper.
Pfaffenhausen is a municipality in the district of Unterallgäu in Bavaria, Germany. The town is seat of a municipal association with Breitenbrunn, Swabia, Oberrieden, Bavaria and Salgen.
Breitenbrunn, which has 830 inhabitants today, had its first documentary mention in 1273, but is believed to have already arisen by the 11th century.
Breitenbrunn am Neusiedler See () is a small wine village in the district of Eisenstadt-Umgebung in the Austrian state of Burgenland.
Wolfgang Uhle (1512 in Elterlein – 7 April 1594 in Breitenbrunn) was a German Lutheran priest, known as "the Plague Pastor of Annaberg ("Pestpfarrer von Annaberg").
Communities in Aue-Schwarzenberg bordering on Johanngeorgenstadt are Breitenbrunn, Eibenstock and Sosa. The Czech community of Potůčky also borders on Johanngeorgenstadt.
Breitenbrunn is a community in the Ore Mountains in the district of Erzgebirgskreis in the Free State of Saxony in Germany.
The community consists of Breitenbrunn with Breitenhof, Carolathal, Halbemeile and Rabenberg, Antonsthal with Antonshöhe, Erlabrunn, Steinheidel and Fällbach as well as Rittersgrün and Tellerhäuser.