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microlepis              nasuta              maculosus              marmoratus              klunzinger              longirostris              vittatus              ornatus              celebensis              ocellata              nigripes              papuensis              brachyura              rostratus              microcephalus              edwardsii              longimanus              stellatus              kner              laticeps              variegatus              auriculatus              guttatus              guentheri              limbatus              latifrons              ocellatus              steindachner              macrops              granulatus              megalops              albolineatus              microdon              cuvieri              steindachneri              agassizii              siganus              spinifer              helleri              maculatus              brachypterus              whitei              denticulatus              microps              flavicauda              longicaudata              antarcticus              ciliatus              melanotaenia              melanurus             

Examples of "brevirostris"
Leptarthrus brevirostris is a species of robber-fly found throughout Europe. Two subspecies exist: "Leptarthrus brevirostris adamovici" (Hradský, 1982) and "Leptarthrus brevirostris brevirostris" (Meigen, 1804).
The lemon shark was first named and described in 1868 by Felipe Poey. He originally named it "Hypoprion brevirostris", but later renamed it "Negaprion brevirostris." The lemon shark has also appeared in literature as "Negaprion fronto" and "Carcharias fronto" (Jordan and Gilbert, 1882), "Carcharias brevirostris" (Gunther, 1870), and "Carcharhinus brevirostris" (Henshall, 1891).
51. "Negaprion brevirostris" (Poey. 1868). Lemon shark.
Vernacular names for "O. brevirostris" include the following:
Grammomys brevirostris is a species of rodent endemic to Kenya.
The Pacific flatbill ("R. pacificus") is sometimes still considered a subspecies of "R. brevirostris".
The genus currently contains two accepted species, "Tomarctus brevirostris" and "Tomarctus hippophaga".
Telmatobius brevirostris is a species of frog in the Telmatobiidae family.
The short-billed minivet ("Pericrocotus brevirostris") is a species of bird in the family Campephagidae.
"Hudsonelpidia" was named by Chris McGowan in 1995 and the type species is "Hudsonelpidia brevirostris".
The brown-headed honeyeater ("Melithreptus brevirostris") is a species of passerine bird in the family Meliphagidae.
Oreophryne brevirostris is a species of frog in the Microhylidae family.
Leopoldius brevirostris is a species of fly from the genus "Leopoldius" in the family Conopidae.
Neophilopota is a genus of small-headed fly currently containing a single species: Neophilopota brevirostris described by Schlinger in 2013
In 1889, Walter collected the type specimen of "Eucalyptus x brevirostris" in the Upper Yarra region in 1889.
The species epithet ""brevirostris"" means "short muzzle" in Latin, and is treated as a noun in apposition.
Varanops is an extinct genus of Early Permian varanopid synapsid known from Texas and Oklahoma of the United States. It was first named by Samuel Wendell Williston in 1911 as a second species of "Varanosaurus", "Varanosaurus brevirostris". In 1914, Samuel W. Williston reassigned it to its own genus and the type species is "Varanops brevirostris".
5. Sep. 15, 2005 - A 0.1ppm solution of a synthetic shark repellent compound terminates tonic immobility in juvenile lemon sharks ("N. brevirostris").
The Himalayan swiftlet ("Aerodramus brevirostris") is a small swift. It is a common colonial breeder in the Himalayas and Southeast Asia. Some populations are migratory.
The white-chested emerald ("Amazilia brevirostris") is a hummingbird found in eastern Venezuela, the Guianas, Trinidad and far northern Brazil (Roraima). It has sometimes been placed in the genus "Agyrtria", and the name "A. chionopectus" was formerly used for this species, as the name "A. brevirostris" was believed to be applicable to the versicoloured emerald. While most current authorities maintain the view that "A. brevirostris" is the correct name for the white-chested emerald, it has recently been suggested that this is incorrect, in which case its scientific name would revert to "A. chionopectus".