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tody_flycatcher_poecilotriccus_sylvia              paradiseus_woodswallows              leucopygia              mineaceum              passer_swainsonii              billed_seedeater              anubis_lr              podiceps_nigricollis_cormorants              pelargopsis_capensis              warbler_abroscopus              castaneceps              strigiformes_tytonidae              leucopodus              tadarida_egyptian              flatbill_ramphotrigon              crested_barbet              chinned_laughingthrush              dicrurus_macrocercus              numenius_minutus              cinnyris_superbus              asian_openbill_anastomus_oscitans              nyctidromus              billed_coucal              tringa_melanoleuca              mendeni              genus_lampronycteris              sooty_roundleaf              treerunner              bolbopsittacus              vu_daubenton              chestnut_cheeked              hyliotid_warblers              puma_cougar_puma_concolor              sibilatrix_hyliotid_warblers              dicrurus_bracteatus              babbler_gampsorhynchus              tadarida_mexican              vampyrum_spectral              eagle_circaetus_beaudouini              coccothraustes_sparrows              bamboowren              whimbrel_numenius_phaeopus_slender              cinereolus              owl_ciccaba_nigrolineata              breasted_munia              albogulare              chat_granatellus              poliolophus              rhipidura_aureola              merula_eyebrowed             

Examples of "bronzed_drongo"
The bronzed drongo is found in the Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats of India and the lower Himalayas from western Uttaranchal eastwards into Indochina and Hainan, the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and northern Borneo. This species is usually found in moist broadleaved forest.
Species of birds are found here include: pond heron, black eagle, hill partridge, red-vented bulbul, ashy wood pigeon, bronzed drongo, white-throated fantail, blue rock thrush, scarlet minivet, lesser racket-tailed drongo, rufous sibia, grey treepie, spangled drongo and common green magpie. Many locals are involved in tourism-related business.
The bronzed drongo ("Dicrurus aeneus") is a small Indomalayan bird belonging to the drongo group. They are resident in the forests of the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. They capture insects flying in the shade of the forest canopy by making aerial sallies from their perches. They are very similar to the other drongos of the region but are somewhat smaller and compact with differences in the fork depth and the patterns of gloss on their feathers.