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Brumunddal Idrettslag is a Norwegian alliance sports club from Brumunddal, Hedmark. It has departments for association football and alpine skiing.
The club took the name Brumunddal IL after the merger of "Fram IL" and "Brumunddal AIL" on 11 November 1945. The club centred its field activities (such as football, athletics, speed skating) around Sveum, and sold Frambanen to the dairy Brumunddal Meieri. After the merger, the new Brumunddal IL had sections for football, Nordic skiing, speed skating, athletics, cycling, tennis, swimming, boxing and shooting. In 1947 the club took up orienteering.
Brumunddal Fotball is the football section of the Norwegian alliance sports club Brumunddal IL, located in Brumunddal, Hedmark. The organizational independency of the football section dates from 2003, although its parent club was founded in 1895. The men's football team currently plays in the 3. Divisjon, the fourth tier of Norwegian football.
The principal urban centers in Ringsaker include Brumunddal and Moelv.
Brumunddal Station is a railway station located in Brumunddal in Ringsaker, Norway on Dovrebanen. The station was opened in 1894 with the construction of the railway between Hamar and Tretten. Brumunddal is only served by InterCity Express and night trains by the Norwegian State Railways.
Vemund Brekke Skard (born 11 September 1981 in Brumunddal, Hedmark) is a Norwegian footballer.
Moelv is the second largest center (after Brumunddal) in the municipality of Ringsaker in Norway.
Brumunddal is the hometown of the woman behind one of Norway's most popular frozen pizza brands, Grandiosa.
Kylstad is a village in Ringsaker municipality, Norway, east of the urban area Brumunddal. Its population is 318.
Stanley Chinedu Ihugba (born 19 November 1987 in Jos) is a Nigerian football midfielder who currently plays for Brumunddal.
"Brumunddal AIL" was founded as an AIF club on 18 April 1932. Its first sports were boxing and Nordic skiing. In the summer of 1933 cycling and race walking were added; soon after football, athletics, sport shooting, chess and team handball. The club bought the sports field Sveum together with "Brumunddal Arbeiderlag" in the autumn of 1934.
Rudshøgda is a settlement in Ringsaker, Norway, located between Moelv and Brumunddal. It was the home of Alf Prøysen and features two museums in honor of him.
Hovde was born in the settlement of Brumunddal in the Ringsaker municipality in the eastern part of Norway in February 1973.
Eldar Hadzimehmedovic (born 10 September 1984) is a Bosnian football player who plays as a striker or as an attacking midfielder. He currently plays for Norwegian side Brumunddal.
Ørn-Horten, Lillehammer, Brumunddal, Skeid, Buvik, Aalesund 2, Jerv, Mandalskameratene, Randaberg, Mjølner, Finnsnes and Stabæk 2 were relegated from 2012 Norwegian Second Division.
On 17 July 2014 it was announced that he had sign a contract with Ånge IF. He returned to Norway and Brumunddal in July 2015.
In January 2001 Bekkevold underwent surgery for a knee injury. She left Asker in 2002 and returned to playing for FL Fart. When Fart won the 1. divisjon in 2007, they were promoted and Bekkevold made a Toppserien comeback in 2008. She signed for Brumunddal, who she had previously represented between 1994 and 1996, in February 2009. Bekkevold left Brumunddal and retired from football at the age of 34 after suffering another knee injury.
Rodríguez moved teams and countries again in July 2014, signing for Brumunddal Fotball in Norway. He made his debut in the 2. Divisjon against Valdres FK, scoring a hat-trick in a 4–0 home win.
Tony Woolmer (born 25 March 1946) is a former English footballer who played in the Football League for Norwich City, Bradford Park. He also played at Brumunddal in Norway. Avenue and Scunthorpe United.
After stints at Sarpsborg 08 FF and Ull/Kisa he joined Ørn-Horten in 2015. However, after half a season he was released. In 2016 he went on to Brumunddal, owing to a local fundraiser.