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lindkvist              anderssontord              elfving              markelius              vanheden              martinsson              falch              lystad              lillemor              tallroth              eskilsson              aronsson              rydman              hammerich              espedal              pilgaard              granberg              lilliecrona              stensson              sildnik              kirjonen              johanssonleif              ahlstedt              pohjanheimo              halvarsson              hellberg              wettergreen              ejler              skancke              kihlman              sommerfeldt              modig              stangerup              davidsen              danne              aarrestad              adolphson              ylva              olafsdottir              barfoed              langhelle              thorvaldsson              tellefsen              hellgren              henningsson              toralf              kulle              aarnes              ruuth              oftedal             

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Hans Ulf Brunnberg (born 7 April 1947) is a Swedish actor.
The complex is designed by Brunnberg & Forshed architects and is situated from the nearest metro station, near the Kista Galleria shopping mall.
"Four Shades of Brown" won four Guldbagge Awards in 2005: Best Direction, Best Actor for Gustafsson, Best Actress for Maria Kulle and Best Supporting Actor for Brunnberg. It was also nominated for Best Film, Best Actor for Rheborg, Best Cinematography and Best Screenplay.
Bianca Wallin is, among other places, represented in Norrköping's city councillor's collection of chairmen (portrait representing town adviser "Nils Sjöström", 1935), The Portrait Collection of the Sparbanken in Enköping (portrait representing managing director "Claes Brunnberg", 1935), Director Hugo Hammar’s Art Collection, Gothenburg ( was a Swedish businessman in Gothenburg) and His Majesty the King Carl XVI Gustaf's Art Collection.
Four Shades of Brown () is a 2004 Swedish film written by the comedy group Killinggänget and directed by their member Tomas Alfredson. The film stars Robert Gustafsson, Johan Rheborg, Henrik Schyffert, Jonas Inde, Maria Kulle and Ulf Brunnberg. The film consists four interweaved stories about life tragedies, with settlements related to fatherhood as the common theme. It was produced by Sveriges Television.
Over the years there had been plans to continue the film series, but these never became a reality. In 2011, Ulf Brunnberg, who played Vanheden in the eight original films, stated that he and Björn Gustafson would like to do some more films, if Gösta Ekman was coming back as Charles Ingvar Jönsson. He said that he had tried to persuade Ekman without success. Since Ekman at that time already decided not to work anymore, Brunnberg did not think that there would be no more films. There were also plans to make more films about "Lilla Jönssonligan". There has also been an idea to make a film in which the members are a little older (perhaps around 16–20 years of age) about how it all began, a little in the style of the film "Kenny Begins" (2009).
The spin-off movie "" was based on two of the characters; Reine and Mimmi. The series ended with the majority of the cast being unceremoniously killed off in a suicide bombing at the Tre Kronor restaurant, perpetrated by Sten Frisk. Two big cliffhangers in the series was when Hans Wästberg, played by Ulf Brunnberg, robbed the post office and shot his son Hans-Åke by mistake. Hans Wästberg was taken to prison and disappeared from the series after the second season. Season Three ended with Sirpa "Bimbo" Koskinen, the girlfriend of Hans-Åke Wästberg, died in a bus crash. Salongo (played by Richard Sseruwagi) was a refugee and a rich business man from Uganda who fell in love with a married police woman, Lena Sjökvist (played by Catharine Hansson), and he later bought the restaurant, Tre Kronor. Later in the series, Salongo buys another restaurant and he also disappears from the series.
Very different lives, becomes interweaved during what seems like an ordinary day. Franzis Namazi (Danny Glover) is a newly arrived immigrant from Gambia to Sweden. He is about to give up on his little store selling African art. Karin Carlsson-Said (Tuva Novotny) is a lawyer who is about to enter a new important step in her career as a lawyer. Her husband Moses (Peter Gardiner) must send money to his hospitalized father in Uganda, but there are problems with the transaction and has issues with keeping up his work as a Social Worker. Bosse (Ulf Brunnberg) is the TV star who finds out he has been fired off his own show and finds his young wife with another man, Håkan (Stefan Sauk) is a charming celebrity with an alcohol problem and now once again needs help from his lawyer Karin Carlsson-Said.
In "Svenska Dagbladet", a film critic wrote: "Killinggänget defy expectations and make a serious film and simultaneously not. When their humour works best, like in the masterpiece "Screwed in Tallinn", it is both satirical and heartbreaking at the same time. But the new film - or films - is several shades blacker." The critic strongly complimented the acting, directing and overall production values, but criticised the film for having poor interaction of its different parts: "Everything is there. Killinggänget could without problems have made four feature films from their material if they only had refined it. In its current form "Four Shades of Brown" becomes overkill on all levels. Both too long and too short simultaneously." Gunnar Rehlin reviewed the film for "Variety" and compared it to Roy Andersson's "Songs from the Second Floor" and Ulrich Seidl's "Dog Days". Rehlin particularly complimented the acting performances of Robert Gustafsson, Johan Rheborg and Ulf Brunnberg, and called the film "a very good and very brave portrait in black of a country often seen as a model, caring society."
The job of leading the foreign language productions of "Hair" was given to Bertrand Castelli, Butler's partner and executive producer of the Broadway show. Castelli was a writer/producer who traveled in Paris art circles and rubbed elbows with Pablo Picasso and Jean Cocteau. Butler described him as a "crazy showman ... the guy with the business suit and beads". Castelli decided to do the show in the local language of each country at a time when Broadway shows were always done in English. The translations followed the original script closely, and the Broadway stagings were used. Each script contained local references, such as street names and the names or depictions of local politicians and celebrities. Castelli produced companies in France, Germany, Mexico and other countries, sometimes also directing the productions. The first European production opened in Stockholm, Sweden, on September 20, 1968 with a cast including Ulf Brunnberg, , and , produced and directed by and choreographed by Julie Arenal, and ran for 134 performances until March 1969.