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sthan              pokhari              patal              khodiyar              talav              ghati              bhagawati              bhawani              pathar              mataji              pakshi              barahi              mandira              deurali              devta              jamuni              sadashiva              antya              kotta              khatu              pukhuri              lakha              siddheshwar              kalika              ganeshpur              sabari              bhandar              devara              chandi              talao              devasthana              natha              patnam              sahasra              tample              talab              sthal              purna              khajuri              manuh              golu              pedda              thakurani              ghara              changu              baug              siddh              lakhanpur              dhari              jharna             

Examples of "budhi"
Budhi Maior वृद्धाम्बा बुढि़या माई / बुढ़ीमाई is a village in the Vaishali district, Bihar, India. It is a tourist destination with a rich a cultural and of historical heritage, and is a place of worship. The Budhi Mai Temple is situated in Vaishali, Haruli, Ismailpur, near the State Bank of India, Lalganj Road, Vaishali. Budhi Mai Fair/Mela (बुढि़या माई हाट) is held in the month of July and August on Budhi Mai Campus, attracting visitors from all over Bihar.
Wikimapia website showing satellite view of Budhi Pind
Maa budhi Thakurani, popularly known as 'Thakurani Yatra' is an annual festival in the village. Maa budhi Thakurani goddess is brought in the form of flower to a temporarily constructed temple. The flower comes automatically from the head of maa budhi thakurani, and to observe this event people gather at the temple.
including his definitive book, published in 1952, Susila Budhi Dharma.
Budhi Pind is almost 3 km from Nakodar. The nearest main road to Budhi Pind is the Mehatpur road. The nearest Railway station to this village is Nakodar Railway station which is approximately 3.1 km from it.
There is a railway station at Badanavalu and it is called Narasam Budhi railway station.
Budhi Kunderan died from lung cancer at the age of 66.
It is situated on the bank of Budhi Gandak river, which origins from Nepal.
in this village tourist place is mainly Budhi gandak River's Boating & Kawar Jal vihar Kawar Lake
Narasam Budhi is a small village and railway station on Chamaraja Nagar to Mysore branch line.
Budhi Ganga River is a tributary of Karnali River in Nepal. Origin of this river is Jagadullah lake in Bajura District of Nepal. Budhi Ganga passes through Achham District. Budi Ganga crosses Sanfebagar Municipality in Achham with Seti-Lokmarga Road beyond Sanfebagar Bazar through Chitre along the river bank to meet Seti River at the border of Achham district and Doti district . After that Budhi Ganga meets Karnali River.
This town has a river Budhi Gandak flowing aside by it.Budhi Gandak is one of the branch of Gandak river.
After rituals, flowers would be carried from Desibehera's house to the Budhi Thakurani temple in this special basket called 'Changudi'.
This town has the Budhi Gandak river flowing by its side, one branch of the Gandak river.
The Budhi Gandaki River is a tributary of Gandaki River in Nepal.It meets Narayani river at Devghat of Chitwan District.
Budhi Mai Temple is one of the most famous temples in vaishali district and also in Bihar.
The primitive Kondhs who are divided into Desia Kondhs, Kutia Kondhs and Dongria Kondhs are nature worshippers. The reigning deity of the Desia Kondhs is Baphlai Budhi, who stays on the Baphliamali mountain. The Budhi is regarded by Desia Kondhs as the heart of the Kondh cosmology.
Lingam Budhi Palaya is a small village on the western side of the Lingam Budhi Lake. The yellow coloured Sidhappaji Temple lies in the very middle of the village. Bus No. 94.B connects the village directly with the city bus station.
Budhi Thakurani Temple It was built on a small hill. A huge Jagannatha Temple known as Saila Srikhetra has also been built near the Budhi Thakurani temple. This Jagannath Temple is the exact replica of Puri Jagannath Temple and has been built over a small hill.
Rosera is a town (subdivision) at the bank of River Budhi Gandak. It is a municipality in Samastipur district in the Indian state of Bihar.