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nimwegen              mourik              arnam              obberghen              rompaey              laethem              enckevort              deuren              ranst              vlierberghe              gennip              dijck              eenennaam              zandwijk              tamelen              gilst              duyvenvoorde              raamsdonk              veelen              zwieten              dooren              lerberghe              deursen              sinderen              rompay              heyningen              herwijnen              dorsselaer              straten              tuinen              vooren              zanten              houwelingen              emmerik              cutsem              meeteren              cleemput              kooten              beurden              griensven              rijnsoever              marrewijk              staveren              bilsen              krieken              ginkel              baalen              ooteghem              wauwe              heuverswyn             

Examples of "bueren"
Van Bueren is a midfielder who was born in Schiedam and made his debut in professional football, being part of the Sparta Rotterdam squad in the 2002–03 season after joining them from amateurs SVV/SMC. After his release in summer 2010, van Bueren played for amateur clubs Leonidas and Zwaluwen Vlaardingen. In February 2015, Zwaluwen announced the release of van Bueren.
In 2013, Montagne de Bueren was ranked as #1 on The Huffington Post's list of Most Extreme Staircases.
Walter van Bueren (born June 21, 1912) is a Swiss boxer who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics.
Edwin van Bueren (; born 4 April 1980) is a Dutch retired footballer who played professionally for Sparta Rotterdam.
Montagne de Bueren is a 374-step staircase in Liège, Belgium. The staircase is named after Vincent de Bueren, who defended Liège against an attack by the Duke of Burgundy, Charles the Bold in the 15th century. It was built in 1881 to honour the 600 soldiers who died in the battle.
Hardsoul is a duo of house music producers and DJs from the Netherlands, made up of the brothers Rogier (DJ Roog) and Greg van Bueren.
The plan failed, and all 600, including Vincent de Bueren and Gosuin de Streel, were killed. The Saint Walburga stairs were later renamed the "Bueren stairs". The next day Liège surrendered, and at the command of Charles the Bold, hundreds of Liègois were tied together and thrown into the Meuse river. The city was set alight and is said to have burned for seven weeks.
In December 2009 record label Naxos released a cd with sonatas for violin and piano by Ravel, Respighi and Granados, performed by Saeijs and pianist Maurice Lammerts van Bueren.
Viergever made his debut in the Eredivisie with Sparta Rotterdam in a 1–1 draw with NEC on 10 May 2009, coming on as a substitute for Edwin van Bueren in the second half.
H.G. van Bueren, professor emeritus of astronomy at the University of Utrecht, concluded his scathing review of Fomenko's work on the application of mathematics and astronomy to historical data as follows:
Vincent de Bueren organised the defence of the city of Liège and achieved some successes with hit-and-run sorties. Jean de Wilde was mortally wounded during the raid of 26 October and died two days later. Best known is the attack by the "600 Franchimontois" in the night of 29–30 October, who sneaked out of the city and attacked the sleeping Burgundians, with the aim of killing the Duke and the King. The plan failed and all 600, including Vincent de Bueren and Gosuin de Streel, were killed.
Geraldine Van Bueren is a British international human rights lawyer. She is a barrister and professor of International Human Rights Law at Queen Mary University of London. "The Independent" newspaper has described her as one of the stars in the Law Department.
Still, the people of Liège refused to accept Burgundian rule. In October 1468, 240 rebels, under Jean de Wilde, Vincent de Bueren and Gosuin de Streel, invaded the city. In the confusion, Guy of Humbercourt and the entire Burgundian garrison fled. Liège was free again and Jean de Wilde occupied the Prince-Bishops' palace.
All of this makes it very difficult to distinguish truth from fiction. Recent historians have established that the attack did not go over the Bueren stairs, but through the Saint Margaret gate. The number of 600 men is probably also greatly exaggerated and there are even doubts that the men came from Franchimont.
Professor Geraldine Van Bueren, the author of the principal textbook on the international rights of the child, and a participant in the drafting of the Convention, has described the "best interest of the child standard" in the treaty as "provid[ing] decision and policy makers with the authority to substitute their own decisions for either the child's or the parents' ";
In her last years she became a jewelry designer, travelling twice yearly from her home in London to the Bangkok workshops of Rolf von Bueren, a German noble who established "Lotus Arts de Vivre", a leading jewelry & objet d’art company in Thailand.
Renaud Pirotte and François Dethier decided to create a Liège beer during their agri-food studies. Winners of the first edition of the TV programme "Starter", produced by the Belgian channel RTBF, both businessmen were able to realise their project and bought an industrial space, right in the historic heart of Liège, in the "impasse des Ursulines", below the montagne de Bueren. In January 2013, they were selected as "Liège businessmen of the year 2012" ("Managers liègeois de l'année 2012").
Athletes from the country have greatly improve since they first began competing in the Games, some of whom are currently internationally ranked. Amongst those are Mohammad Vahdani who is ranked fourth, Jasim Alnaqbi seventeenth and Mahmood Albalooshi who is ranked seventy-seventh in the Men's 100 m T54 event. In the Women's 100 m T54 event, Patricia Keller is ranked nineteenth, and Andrea von Bueren is ranked twenty-fourth
In 2003 she was awarded the Child Rights Lawyer Award. The award, jointly organised by the Law Society, UNICEF and "The Lawyer" magazine, recognises lawyers who have done outstanding work in the field of children's rights. A profile in "The Lawyer" describes an incident in which Van Bueren got out of her car in a dangerous area of town to prevent a lynch mob beating a man, which the magazine suggested "encapsulates her fervent commitment to the sanctity of human rights."
The same categorization of customer knowledge has been made by others such as Bueren et al. (2005) and Feng and Tian (2005). In another categorization, Crié and Micheaux (2006) divide customer knowledge into two types, namely: “Behavioural” (or Quantitative) and “Attitudinal” (or Qualitative). Behavioral knowledge is easy to acquire and is basically quantitative by nature; that is, containing a customer transactional relations with the company. On the other hand, attitudinal knowledge is difficult to acquire because it deals with a customer’s state of mind; but meanwhile it is an important factor for enhancement of customer knowledge because they are directly related to a customer’s thoughts and insights.