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sarothrura_elegans_red              chested_flufftail_sarothrura_rufa              flufftails_order_gruiformes              chestnut_headed_flufftail              family_sarothruridae              streaky_breasted_flufftail_sarothrura              sarothrura_lugens              white_winged_redstart              spotted_flufftail_sarothrura_pulchra              aegyptiacus_spur_winged              africanus_rüppell_vulture_gyps              savile_bustard              melanotos_hartlaub_duck_pteronetta              phoenicurus_erythrogaster              ashy_flycatcher_muscicapa_caerulescens              lophotis              ortygospiza_atricollis_african_silverbill              sporophila_schistacea              redstart_phoenicurus_ochruros_common              throated_robin_irania              necked_stork_ciconia_episcopus              billed_duck_sarkidiornis              saxicola_rubetra_european              albinucha              black_collared_barbet              headed_lapwing_vanellus_albiceps              zebra_waxbill_sporaeginthus_subflavus              cinereous_becard_pachyramphus_rufus              euodice_cantans_bronze_mannikin              black_faced_quailfinch              gutturalis_rufous_tailed              pied_bushchat_saxicola_caprata              megarhynchos_bluethroat_luscinia_svecica              gorgeted_flycatcher              schisticeps              gull_ichthyaetus              crowned_hornbill              nettapus_auritus_african              siberian_stonechat_saxicola_maurus              leucophthalmus              slate_colored_seedeater              goose_plectropterus_gambensis_knob              alnorum_willow_flycatcher_empidonax              hartlaubii              crowned_pigeon_patagioenas              merops_hirundineus              crowned_crane_balearica              vaux_swift_chaetura              phoenicurus_siberian              guifsobalito             

Examples of "buff_spotted_flufftail"
The buff-spotted flufftail ("Sarothrura elegans") is a species of bird in the family Sarothruridae.
Specials to look out for are Cape parrot, orange ground-thrush, African crowned eagle, bush blackcap, white-starred robin, buff-spotted flufftail, Narina trogon, grey cuckooshrike, yellow-throated woodland warbler, crowned and southern ground hornbill.
Many species are named for their buff markings, including the buff arches moth, the buff-bellied climbing mouse, and at least sixty birds, including the buff-fronted quail-dove, the buff-vented bulbul, and the buff-spotted flufftail.
Various species of forest birds are found here including; green twinspot, Cape white-eye, southern boubou, spotted ground-thrush, purple-crested turaco and African paradise-flycatcher. The black sparrowhawk breeds here annually. Another bird that is seldom seen but that is generally present is buff-spotted flufftail. Unusual sightings of note in recent years include European nightjar, lemon dove, mountain wagtail, black-throated wattle-eye and black cuckoo. The current bird list for Pigeon Valley includes 152 species.
Flufftails are highly secretive and seldom observed. Two species, the buff-spotted flufftail and the white-spotted flufftail, are inhabitants of dense forests, while the remaining species are found in deep grasslands and marshes. One species, the streaky-breasted flufftail, is known to be migratory. It is uncertain whether other species are as well; the white-winged flufftail may breed in Ethiopia and winter in South Africa but this is not known for certain.
Some the prominent bird species reported by the website of University of Michigan Museum of Zoology are; common swift ("Apus apus"), kori bustard ("Ardeotis kori"), grey crowned crane ("Balearica regulorum"), pied kingfisher ("Ceryle rudis"), great spotted cuckoo ("Clamator glandarius"), South African galago ("Galago moholi"), Nycteris grandis, martial eagle ("Polemaetus bellicosus"), yellow-fronted canary ("Serinus mozambicus"), "Swynnertonia swynnertoni" and black-rumped buttonquail ("Turnix nanus"). One-third of the world’s eagle species are reported from the Matobo National Park. Buff-spotted flufftail and stripe-cheeked bulbuls are seen across the country. The bateleur eagle is the only member of the genus "Terathopius" and probably the origin of the "Zimbabwe Bird", the national emblem of Zimbabwe.