Synonyms for bukcheon or Related words with bukcheon

hwacheon              namcheon              namhan              taedong              sonjuk              yongyeon              uiryeong              sincheon              hangang              changnyeong              taehwa              cheonggyecheon              yeongcheon              seongnae              haean              namdae              jungdong              sacheon              guseong              hapcheon              busanjin              cheongcheon              gochang              goheung              seomjin              gaeseong              dongducheon              dongcheon              sariwon              gwangan              daecheong              suncheon              goryeong              goseong              eonyang              deoksan              haenam              sokcho              cheorwon              chilgok              yeongsan              hwangju              riwon              sinuiju              naenam              geumgwang              wanju              pyongsan              gaecheon              gyeongju             

Examples of "bukcheon"
Bukcheon Station is a railway station in South Korea. It is on the Gyeongjeon Line.
The Gyeongju Basin is a landform in Gyeongju city, North Gyeongsang province, South Korea. It forms part of the watershed of the Hyeongsan River, which flows north through the basin where it is joined by the Bukcheon, Namcheon, Daecheon, and Sogyeon-cheon streams.
Gyeongju's drainage patterns are shaped by these lines of mountains. The Dongdae Mountains divide a narrow foothills area on their east, and various internal river systems to the west. Most of the city's interior is drained by the small Hyeongsan River, which flows north from Ulsan and meets the sea at Pohang Harbor. The Hyeongsan's chief tributaries include the Bukcheon and Namcheon, which join it in Gyeongju Basin.
The Hyeongsan flows north from near the northern border of Greater Ulsan into Gyeongju city, where it enters the Gyeongju Basin and is joined by the Bukcheon stream (북천/), a major tributary. It continues north into Pohang city, and in Angang-eup of Pohang it is joined by the Gigyecheon flowing from the north and turns abruptly eastward. From there runs east and slightly north until it meets the Sea of Japan at Pohang Harbor. The estuary of the Hyeongsan has been covered by the massive industrial development around the port of Pohang, including the POSCO steel mill.