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kapchorwa              sironko              lyantonde              wakiso              katakwi              nakaseke              namutumba              kayunga              namayingo              bushenyi              mpigi              manafwa              lwengo              butaleja              nakasongola              bugiri              kibaale              budaka              kyenjojo              kiryandongo              bulambuli              ntungamo              karongi              nakapiripirit              moroto              sembabule              shughnon              buikwe              alagirsky              yumbe              roshtqal              leilek              kibuku              kiboga              kyegegwa              igunga              kiruhura              kisoro              kpeve              maracha              providensky              kamuli              mubende              pallisa              kaliro              agago              bukedea              kyankwanzi              rukungiri              vurra             

Examples of "bukwo"
Bukwo General Hospital, also Bukwo District Hospital or Bukwo Hospital, is a hospital in the Eastern Region of Uganda.
The hospital is located on the Kapchorwa–Suam Road, in the town of Bukwo, approximately northeast of Mbale Regional Referral Hospital. The coordinates of Bukwo Hospital are 1°17'39.0"N, 34°45'19.0"E (Latitude:1.294158; Longitude:34.755286).
Bukwo is a town in Eastern Uganda. It is the main municipal, administrative and commercial center of Bukwo District and the headquarters of the district are located there. The district is named after the town.
Munyo Solomon Mutai (born 22 October 1992 in Bukwo) is an Ugandan long-distance runner.
As of May 2014, the exact population of the town of Bukwo is not publicly known.
Bukwo District is a district in the Eastern Region of Uganda. The town of Bukwo is its main political, administrative, and commercial center and the site of the district headquarters.
In 2005, Kongasis County was split off of the district to form Bukwo District. In 2010, more territory was peeled off to form Kween District. Together, Kapchorwa District, Bukwo District, and Kween District comprise the Sebei sub-region, home to an estimated 200,000 according to the 2002 national census.
The district was created on 1 July 2005. Before then, Bukwo District was part of Kapchorwa District. It was created out of Kongasis county.
Bukwo is located approximately , by road, northeast of Mbale. The town is located on the eastern slopes of the Mount Elgon range, close to the border with Kenya.
The highway will start at Kapchorwa and continue in a general westerly direction to go through Kween in Kween District, then turn in a southeasterly direction to go through Bukwo in Bukwo District and end at Suam, on the banks of the Suam River, which forms the border between Uganda and Kenya. The total road distance is approximately . The coordinates of the road, southeast of the town of Kween are 01°25'03.0"N, 34°37'20.0"E (Latitude:1.417509; Longitude:34.622219).
Suam is located in Bukwo District, in the Eastern Region of Uganda, approximately , by road, southeast of Bukwo, the location of the district headquarters. Suam lies approximately , by road, northeast of Mbale, the nearest large city. This location lies approximately , by road, northeast of Kampala, the capital and largest city of that country. The coordinates of Suam, Uganda are 1°13'02.0"N 34°43'56.0"E (Latitude:1.217214; Longitude:34.732223). The average elevation of the settlement is above sea level.
Eveline Tete Chelangat (born 6 August 1960) is a Ugandan Member of Parliament. She represents Bukwo Constituency as the woman MP. She belongs to the NRM (National Resistance Movement) Party in the National Assembly.
She attended Bukwo Primary School where she sat for her PLE. Thereafter, she proceeded to Kidetok girls, Serere for her O level before joining Sebei college, Tegeres. She holds a diploma in social work from Nsamizi Institute (Mpigi)
The Uganda Museum carries out research across the country, though intensive research has been conducted in Karamoja region (Napak, Moroto and Kadam), Eastern Uganda at the foothills of Mount Elgon (Bukwo) and the whole of western rift to Dellu near Uganda’s border to Sudan.
The power station will be located across "River Siti", in "Siti Parish", Bukwo District, in northeastern Uganda, near the International border with the Republic of Kenya. This location, lies on the northeastern slopes of Mount Elgon, within Mount Elgon National Park, at an altitude of about , above sea level.
Bukwo General Hospital is a public hospital, funded by the Uganda Ministry of Health and general care in the hospital is free. The hospital was built in the 2000s, with laying of the foundation stone in June 2010. The hospital is plagued by lack of electricity, and understaffing.
Bukwo District is bordered by Amudat District to the north, Kenya to the east and south, and Kween District to the west and northwest. The town of Nukwo is approximately , by road, northeast of Mbale, the nearest large city. The coordinates of the district are 01 16N, 34 44E.
Many of the inhabitants of Bukwo District live in abject poverty. The district is also plagued by persistent insecurity due to cattle raids and cattle rustling by ethnic groups from Karamoja located in northeastern Uganda and the Turkana and Pokot peoples from neighbouring Kenya. These challenges date to the 1950s and 1960s.
The power station is a run of river, mini hydropower installation, with planned capacity of 21.5 Megawatts. The impact assessment studies have been conducted and presented. One private developer, "Elgon Hydro Siti Private", has applied for the development rights to the project. When completed, the power station will be the largest power generating installation in northeastern Uganda. The power generated from this power plant will supply the local communities in Bukwo District and the balance will be integrated into the national power grid.
Kween District is bordered by Nakapiripirit District to the north, Amudat District to the northeast, Bukwo District to the east, the Republic of Kenya to the south, Kapchorwa District to the west and Bulambuli District to the northwest. The town of Binyiny, where the district headquarters are located is approximately , by road, northeast of Mbale, the nearest large city. The coordinates of Kween District are:01 25N, 34 31E.