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pagidyala              harbanspur              swaami              bhayaanak              bhango              bangial              purir              surjangarh              rangaon              machur              kulukki              valyachan              agnishakkhi              mayagaadu              naalamkettile              gumaan              shankhabela              khambhalida              malkup              elmegyek              premotsava              ekachi              chunaoti              basbitti              iruttu              jambuda              goojar              mailaram              banglow              kallumal              itauria              latpat              aathora              modalayindi              buzrug              masanpada              kalwas              zamaanat              bhatakta              biliya              ghanti              lulang              angchuk              deshwasi              chhema              pahuna              satkor              kabootar              apthudu              upaye             

Examples of "bunglaw"
Satiana Bunglaw is a little City in Tehsil Jaranwala & District Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. It is 27 km from Faisalabad and 25 km from Jaranwala. It is situated on the Okara to Faisalabad road. Cities linked via road with Satiana
Water is a perennial problem. Electricity has the same story of want and deficiency. A water project started several years back never fructified because of corruption and mis- management. The water tower constructed in Dak Bunglaw was of such low quality that experts dreaded storing water in it lest it be sagging, endangering lives of local people. Thousands of hand pumps and submersibles have led to a severe fall in ground water level. People carrying water in plastic containers on bicycles is a common sight.
He was born in Changanacherry at the Neerazhi Palace, which is now known as Neerazhi Bunglaw. He married Princess Ayiliam Thirunal Gauri Lakshmi Bayi of Travancore. From this marriage Raja Raja Varma Koil Thampuran had issue, a daughter and two sons. His daughter was Maharani , who was born in 1809. His eldest son, the famous Maharajah Swathi Thirunal, was born on 16 April 1813. Swathi Thirunal became a musician and artist and ruled independently from 1829-1846. Thampuran next had a son in 1814, Maharajah Uthram Thirunal, who ruled from 1846-1860. His wife Gauri Lakshmi Bayi lost her health after giving birth to Uthram Thirunal and died in 1815.
Chandni is from a poor family who desires to come out of her poverty. Finding that one shortcut to become rich is to marry a rich man, sets off to Bombay. She meets a man whose stands near a car, assumes he is rich and asks him to marry her. When she finds out that he is not a rich man, she dumps him immediately. The man is actually Neeraj who aims to become a playback singer in movies. He goes to every studio to meet musicians but he does not succeed. Chandni lands in a bunglaw to escape from a goon. She plans to settle in the house and requests owner Doctor Rana to let her stay in the house. Dr. Rana finds Chandni is an innocent village girl and allows her to live in his house. Chandni takes charge of the home and dismisses the servants which annoys Rana. But he feels good about the presence of woman in his home after his wife's death.
The story starts with a rowdy(Daasanna), the follower of Naayudamma(another rowdy) warning the people of Mahankali market. At the same time Pawan Kalyan(Balu) sets up a new flower stall in the market. He impresses Daasanna by making him believe that he worships Daasanna's mother, thereby getting relieved of the taxes set up by Daasanna. The people of the market get new hopes looking at Pawan kalyan's style of impressing the rowdies.Balu newly comes to the city with his mother(Jayasudha), sister-in-law, nephew and his friend(Sunil). As the story goes on Balu meets Priya(Shriya Saran) but both start fighting with each other. One night Balu's mother walks to an empty bunglaw and faints there remembering her past in which her husband(Suman) and her son would be killed because they supported the people of Mahankali market in getting the rights on the land. The next day Priya comes to the hospital to visit Balu's mother and falls in love with Balu. Priya dares to propose Balu but Balu rejects her love. On the other side, Balu, through Daasanna tries to steal the documents of Mahankali market which are with Nayudamma at that time and are actually to be sold to Khan (Gulshan Grover). Balu makes Nayudamma believe him by saving him from a planned bomb blast. When Khan arrives he realises that Balu is none other than Ghani, who worked under him few years back. The flashback unveils the story of Ghani who changes because of Indu(Neha Oberoi) who inturns changes getting courage from Ghani. Ghani finally moves against Khan who tries to kill Children in an orphanage. Khan decides to kill both Ghani and Indu. Ghani and Indu finally reach Agra, Indu's home town where it is revealed that Rajeshwari Devi is actually Indu's mother. Indu changes Ghani's name to Balu. The next day Balu accepts Indu's love but at the same time Khan's rowdy's kill Indu. Balu promises Indu that he would take care of Indu's family and fight people's right's on Mahankali market. The scene returns to Balu lying on the bed as he meets with an accident while driving because of his illness. He gets up and faces Khan and Khan is finally killed in the fight. Finally after 20 years the people of Mahankali market get the rights on the land.