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Examples of "bunney"
Bunney made his début as a professional at Rochdale on 27 April 2013 as a substitute in a 1–0 victory against Plymouth Argyle, on the final day of the 2012/13 season with Bunney scoring the winning goal with a header after a cross from another débutante, Scott Tanser. On 1 July 2014, Bunney signed a new two-year contract at Rochdale.
"Neva" was built at Hull, England by Bunney and Firbank in 1813. She entered "Lloyd's Register" in 1814 with Bunney, master, Capt & Co. owner, and trade Hull-Saint Petersburg.
He is the father of Jennifer Bunney from the television programs "The Hills" and "".
His father was a merchant captain whom Bunney, as a boy, accompanied on several voyages around the world. Bunney demonstrated a strong talent for drawing and draftsmanship from an early age. The young Bunney became a follower of John Ruskin; he studied under Ruskin at the Working Men's College soon after its founding in 1854, and later worked as a clerk for Smith, Elder & Co., Ruskin's publisher. Bunney was able to give up his clerical job and make his living by his art and art teaching by 1859; Ruskin commissioned him to execute a series of drawings in Italy and Switzerland.
Bunney married Elizabeth Fallon in 1863. The couple settled in Florence; they would have four children. Bunney worked for Ruskin's St. George's Company (later the Guild of St George) in northern Italy for the remainder of his life. In his career there, Bunney produced a noteworthy pictorial record of Italy in his era. Ruskin said that Bunney's work was "so faithful and careful as almost to enable the spectator to imagine himself on the spot." Bunney was a friend of many of the Pre-Raphaelites, especially William Holman Hunt.
From 1870 on, Bunney lived and painted in Venice. In 1876 Ruskin commissioned Bunney to paint a picture that included the entire western facade of St. Mark's Basilica; Bunney worked on this project through "six hundred early-morning sessions" spaced over six years. (Ruskin was campaigning to prevent a renovation of the west front of St. Mark's, and the painting was part of this effort.) One day during this period, James Abbott McNeill Whistler, no admirer of Ruskin (Whistler had bankrupted himself in an 1878 libel suit against Ruskin), reportedly sneaked up behind Bunney as Bunney worked, to stick a note to his back. The note read, "I am totally blind." Bunney, absorbed in his work, remained oblivious to Whistler's prank. The painting now hangs in the Ruskin Gallery in the Millennium Galleries in Sheffield.
John Wharlton Bunney (20 June 1828 – 23 September 1882) was an English topographical and landscape artist of the nineteenth century.
In 1890 Field took on Michael Bunney as a trainee; Bunney became Field's chief assistant, until 1902, when he formed his own practice. Together they wrote "English domestic architecture of the XVII and XVIII centuries". Field's first commercial business client was Lloyds Bank who commissioned bank buildings at Hampstead c.1895; subsequently Lloyds used Field as architect over a 30-year period.
Born Edmund Bunney, he was the son of Joseph Bunney and Mary Cradock in Freathby, Leicestershire. He changed his name upon his marriage to Anne Hurlock in 1777 to Cradock-Hartopp consequent upon the provisions of the wills of his uncle Joseph Cradock and his wife's grandfather Sir John Hartopp, 4th and last Baronet.
Bunney became a cashier at the Auto Machinery Company Limited in Coventry and in his later years lived at 154 Albany Road, Earlsdon.
Joseph "Joe" Bunney (born 26 September 1993) is an English professional footballer who plays as a striker for League One club Rochdale.
Sydney John Bunney (1877–1928) was an English late Impressionist artist who left over 500 drawings of early 20th-century Coventry.
In September 2012, James Bodha, Mike Grant and Gary Bunney were appointed as co-CEO until a new full-time CEO had been found. Stephen Dunford was appointed as Myriad's new Chief Executive Officer on 4 December 2012.
Adventures Abroad is a television series hosted by big game hunter Ray Bunney, which features the hunting of exotic African animals. It is similar in format to shows on the Discovery Channel.
In September 2013, former executive of Electronic Arts (EA) Jonathan Bunney, who worked in EA as both vice president of product development and vice president of product marketing, has joined Digital Capital as director of marketing.
McDonald died after a lengthy illness of cancer of the pancreas in North Shore, Sydney, Australia. on 10 March 1990, aged 68. Her partner actress and casting agent Bunney Brooke later died in April, 2000.
In the 1950s and 1960s, innovative dance therapist Marian Chace had regularly scheduled sessions with groups of patients. Judith Richardson Bunney followed her in this work. In the 1960s and 1970s, Donn B. Murphy conducted a drama group for patients.
Hurlock married in June 1755 Sarah Hartopp, daughter of Sir John Hartopp, 4th Baronet, who died in 1766. Their daughter Anne married Edmund Bunney, later known as Edmund Cradock-Hartopp.
In August 2011, Hare collaborated with Topman on a ten-style shoe collection. In 2011, there was a collaboration with jewellery designer Bunney to create a limited edition shoehorn, in garnet and black spinel.
LaBerge, D., Carlson, R.L., Williams, J.K., & Bunney, B. (1997). Shifting Attention in space: Tests of moving spotlight models vs an activity-distribution model. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance. 23, 1380-1392.