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burdens              reliance              risks              complexity              outlay              effort              costs              inconvenience              expense              risk              demands              complexities              expenditure              inefficiency              expenditures              cost              difficulty              demand              discomfort              necessity              expenses              downtime              morbidity              chances              overheads              wastage              difficulties              labor              inefficiencies              frustration              overhead              workload              consequences              manpower              encumbrance              imposes              latency              importance              influence              danger              relying              requirement              load              restrictions              hardship              likelihood              behalf              bottleneck              involvement              tedium             

Examples of "burden"
Burden is a part of USD 462 Central of Burden. The Burden High School mascot is Burden Raiders.
His paternal grandfather, Henry Burden, founded what later became known as the Burden Iron Works foundry in Troy. Burden inherited the Burden Iron Works from his uncle, William Fletcher Burden.
Cambridge is a part of USD 462 Central of Burden. The Burden High School mascot is Burden Raiders.
Grenola is a part of USD 462 Central of Burden. The Burden High School mascot is Burden Raiders.
The satisfaction of the evidential burden has sometimes been described as "shifting the burden of proof", a label which has been criticized because the burden placed on a defendant is not the legal burden of proof resting on the prosecution.
The term "burden of proof" is used to mean two kinds of burdens: The burden of production (or the burden of "going forward with the evidence") and the burden of persuasion.
The burden of persuasion should not be confused with the evidential burden, or burden of production, or duty of producing (or going forward with) evidence which is an obligation that may shift between parties over the course of the hearing or trial. The evidential burden is the burden to adduce sufficient evidence to properly raise an issue at court.
Roche married Arthur Scott Burden (1879-1921) on June 11, 1906. Burden was the grandson of industrialist Henry Burden and President of the family business Burden Iron Works, but his career was significantly impaired after two horse falls, the second of which seriously aggravated the injuries incurred from the first. As a result of these injuries, Burden was placed under constant care from late 1913, and James Burden, Arthur Burden's brother, filed a petition in Cynthia Roche's absence, (as both she and her daughter were in London at the time), requesting that Arthur Burden be declared incompetent. Burden died from pneumonia in June, 1921.
New Chamber Opera was founded in 1990 by Michael Burden and Gary Cooper. Burden serves as its director.
William George Burden (Wimborne Minster, Dorset, 15 June 1914 – 3 June 1994) was an English actor known as Billy Burden.
We need to differ tax burden and fiscal burden. Fiscal burden includes the influence not only taxes on budget, but also the others non-tax revenues of government (social contributions, revenues from foreign trade, other payments to the budget)
In "Director, Office of Workers' Compensation Programs v. Greenwich Collieries", , the Supreme Court explained that "burden of proof" is ambiguous because it has historically referred to two distinct burdens: the "burden of persuasion", and the "burden of production".
Evidential burden or "production burden" is the obligation to produce evidence to properly raise an issue at trial. Failure to satisfy the evidential burden means that an issue cannot be raised at a court of law.
The later-built stone chapel was almost certainly designed by Robert Robertson, one of the Burden family’s favorite architects, and was likely used by the Sunday school. The chapel was built by the children of Henry Burden, Margaret Burden Proudfit, James A Burden, and I. Townsend Burden, after his death in 1871. It was built in memory of the many children lost to the three of them.
In the Congo Free State (1885–1908), the British journalist, E. D. Morel, reported the brutality of Belgian imperialism in "The Black Man's Burden" (1903). In "The Black Man's Burden: The White Man in Africa, from the Fifteenth Century to World War I" (1920), Morel presents a critique of the relation between the White Man's Burden and the Black Man's Burden.
430 West Records is an independent record label based in Detroit, MI USA formed in 1990 by Lawrence Burden, Lenny Burden, and Lynell Burden just months after recording their debut record for Derrick Mays' Transmat label. 430 West was formed as an outlet for the Burden Brothers' own productions (recording as Octave One, Random Noise Generation, Never On Sunday, and Metro D). Later it was expanded to be the home for releases by electronic music artists Jay Denham, Terrence Parker, Eddie Fowlkes, Aux 88, Wild Planet, and Gerald Mitchell, to name a few. In 1998, 430 West also became the musical home for the trio's youngest brothers Lance Burden and Lorne Burden.
and found that, while the legislation did burden Mr Wotton's freedom of political communication, that burden was applied for a legitimate ends, namely maintenance of law and order.
Burden married Flobelle Fairbanks in 1934 (niece of actor Douglas Fairbanks Sr.) and had two children; Margaret Florence (born 1936), and son Shirley Carter Burden, Jr. (born 1941).
Even though the employer bears the burden of production in the second step, the plaintiff bears the burden of persuasion at all times.
James Abercrombie Burden, Jr. was born on January 16, 1871 in Troy, New York. His father was James A. Burden and his mother was Mary Irvin.