Synonyms for burdens or Related words with burdens

burden              reliance              outlay              complexities              expenditures              risks              inconvenience              hardship              inefficiencies              inefficiency              overheads              encumbrance              expenses              downtime              hassles              manpower              repercussions              wastage              restrictions              expense              tedium              dangers              costs              distractions              burdensome              discomfort              expenditure              bottlenecks              hassle              effort              burdening              hardships              complexity              demands              frustration              complicatedness              inconveniences              cumbersomeness              onerous              needlessly              limitations              annoyance              overcrowding              uncertainties              morbidity              bulkiness              vagaries              acetosyringonee              hazards              awkwardness             

Examples of "burdens"
act also reduced administrative burdens for immigrants.
from their financial burdens, shows clearly that Islam emerged as
4. Justice—social distribution of benefits and burdens.
This section consists of two "oracles" or "burdens":
departed from or discharged the burdens, reservations, servitudes, conditions,
Various burdens of proof and cost allocations are also specified.
The debut album, "Burdens", was released in January 2006.
one's own burdens and liabilities, leaving one, as it
burdens of production, persuasion, and proof at summary judgment);
Distributive justice in an environmental context is the equitable distribution of a society's technological and environmental risks, impacts, and benefits. These burdens include air pollution, landfills, industrial factories, and other environmental burdens. Distributive justice is an essential principle of environmental justice because there is evidence that shows that these burdens cause health problems, negatively affect quality of life, and drive down property value.
The second issue of "Constance", entitled "Delicate Burdens", was published on February 15, 2008. "Delicate Burdens" contains the work of over 45 New Orleans-based writers and artists, including Lee Crum, Frank Relle, Bud Faust, Andy Young, and Tim Best.
The Gemara noted that used the singular in "to afflict "him" with their burdens," when the text should have read ""them"." The Gemara deduced from this that the verse foretold that Pharaoh would be afflicted with the burdens of Israel.
Then at His feet shall we lay down our burdens
(b) The State has shown no "compelling interest" justifying those burdens. pp. 31–32.
In 2013, Stu G crowdfunded a solo EP titled "Of Burdens, Birds and Stars" through PledgeMusic.
The voluntary burdens which result from the exercise of the statutory choice are as follows:
The new railways faced difficulties adopting monolithic organizations with large social welfare burdens and aging equipment.
heavy burdens of ritual and caste, and the subtle complexities of
Laying My Burdens Down is the eleventh studio album by country singer Willie Nelson.
In 2000, Minamata City obtained ISO14001 certification to reduce environmental burdens