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Independent rapper Busdriver released a compilation of older material in 2002 named "This Machine Kills Fashion Tips".
In 2003, Mush Records sponsored a tour which included its roster artists Busdriver, Radioinactive, Daedelus, Awol One, AntiMC and others.
Onry Ozzborn has collaborated with notable artists such as Aesop Rock, Sleep, Mr. Lif, P.O.S, Slug, and Busdriver.
RoadKillOvercoat is a studio album by American hip hop musician Busdriver. It was released on Epitaph Records in 2007.
Jhelli Beam is a studio album by American hip hop musician Busdriver. It was released on ANTI- in 2009.
Flash Bang Grenada is an American hip hop duo based in Los Angeles, California. It consists of Busdriver and Nocando.
Imaginary Places is a single by American rapper Busdriver from his album "Temporary Forever". It was released in 2002.
Thumbs is a mixtape by American hip hop artist Busdriver. It was released digitally on Busdriver's independent label, Temporary Whatever, on November 19, 2015. Guest appearances include Del the Funky Homosapien, milo and Anderson .Paak, among others. The production is from a wide array of producers, such as Kaveh Rastegar, Mono/Poly and Busdriver himself.
The Grays and Cooper are now working under the name Signals, Jeff Byron leads Physical Forms (with rapper Busdriver) and Breeck performs as Skull Tape. In 2010, Byron started a band with rapper Busdriver called Physical Forms; an album is forthcoming in mid-2012.
Memoirs of the Elephant Man is the debut album by American rapper Busdriver. It was released on October 12, 1999 on Temporary Whatever.
The album was entirely produced by Canadian producer Factor. It features guest appearances from Aceyalone, Busdriver, Awol One and Gel Roc.
Fear of a Black Tangent is a studio album by American hip hop musician Busdriver. It was released on Mush Records in 2005.
Dieterich has released albums with Claire Cronin, Jeremy Barnes, Mike Watt and Thollem McDonas. He has guested on albums by Xiu Xiu, Nels Cline, and Busdriver
He released the album, "It's Free, but It's Not Cheap" on Mush Records in 2006. It featured guest appearances from Busdriver and Andrew Broder, among others.
The Weather is a collaboration album among rappers Busdriver and Radioinactive and record producer Daedelus. It was released on Mush Records in 2003.
His debut album, "Nostalchic", was released on Brainfeeder in 2013. To promote the album, he collaborated with rapper Busdriver for the track, "Forlorn".
In 2015, he appeared in other collaborative hip-hop releases, on tracks by Milo and Scallops Hotel, 83cutlass, Curse ov Dialect, Busdriver, and Cavanaugh (Open Mike Eagle & Serengeti).
Daedelus released the album, "Invention", on Plug Research in 2002. "The Household EP" was released on Eastern Developments in 2003. He also released "The Weather", a collaborative album with Busdriver and Radioinactive, on Mush Records that year.
The song has been sampled in two popular hip-hop songs, "Happiness" by Busdriver and "Upgrade Call" by Andre Nickatina. The versions used in both songs are pitch-warped to sound squeaky.
Busdriver released "RoadKillOvercoat" on Epitaph Records in 2007. Another solo album, "Jhelli Beam", was released on ANTI- in 2009. He is the executive producer of Thirsty Fish's 2009 album "Watergate".