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Examples of "buseck"
Buseck is a municipality in the district of Gießen, in Hessen, Germany. It is situated 7 km northeast of Gießen. The villages in this municipality include Großen-Buseck, Beuern, Alten-Buseck, Oppenrod, and Trohe.
Großen Buseck is a station in Buseck in the German state of Hesse. The station is on the Vogelsberg Railway (Gießen–Fulda railway) and has two platforms.
The loading of timber at Grand Buseck station has been discontinued. However, there are still occasional freight trains to the Gross-Buseck industrial area.
Von Buseck was born in Jagstberg to Ernst Johann Philipp Hartmann von Buseck and Mary Ann. Almost nothing is known of his early life.
Großen-Buseck is the largest village, with 5.768 inhabitants. Trohe is the smallest, with 753 inhabitants.
Christian Broadcasting Network's Craig von Buseck said "this is much more of a pop album than a traditional worship or 'soaking' album, though it is still very 'worshipful' as seen in songs such as 'Love Came Down'" von Buseck wrote "the orchestration in this album is a nice balance of lush instrumentation and straightforward pop". von Buseck noted that Jobe had a distinct voice, when he heard the album.
Annerod is a small village, part of the municipality Fernwald, in Germany between Dutenhofen and Großen-Buseck approximately 70 km north of Frankfurt.
On 7 April 1794, von Buseck was elected Prince-Bishop of Bamberg and ordained to the priesthood. His nephew, Georg Karl von Fechenbach, the Prince-Bishop of Würzburg, consecrated him as a bishop on 16 August 1795 and he took office. Von Buseck proved to be a very weak ruler. In 1796, when Bamberg was invaded by the French, von Buseck fled to Prague and when the French invaded Prague in 1799, he fled to Saalfeld. He returned to Bamburg in 1800 and appointed his nephew as his coadjutor bishop and successor.
Christoph Franz von Buseck (28 December 1724 - 28 September 1805) was the Roman Catholic bishop of Bamberg and the last Prince-Bishop of Bamberg.
The Wieseck meadows between Großen-Buseck and the centre of Giessen are a popular recreation area for the people of Giessen.
Rudolf of Thünefeld also died unmarried (April, 12th 1906). The Buseck brothers and Rudolf of Thünefeld are buried in the funeral chapel of the baroque Katharina-Magdalena-Chapel in Burgellern.
The saprobic index in the middle reaches of the Wieseck (at Großen-Buseck) is 1.77 which is considered "good" according to the WFD standards. In the lower reaches, within the urban area, it is 2.34, which is classified as "moderate".
Due to a trip to the Orient of the Buseck Brothers and Duke Max in Bavaria in 1838, several parlours and salons were completely decorated with oriental mural and ceiling paintings and furniture.
In this time the Bavarian nobles as well as King Maximilian of Bavaria who was friends with the Barons of Buseck, King Ludwig I. of Bavaria and Duke Max, met in Burgellern castle 1853.
Großen-Buseck is connected by the bus network of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund: GI-25 to Gießen, GI-27 to Fernwald, GI-26 to Reiskirchen and GI-25 to Grünberg.
These values, which indicate structural impairment of the river, show that the middle reaches of the Wieseck at Großen- -Buseck are "unsatisfactory", and the lower reaches in the urban area are "poor".
"Very Merry Xmas" is written by Chris Buseck, Tom Hugo Hemansen, and is produced by Shinjiroh Inoue, a frequent collaborator of Tohoshinki. Inoue also wrote the lyrics to both songs, and wrote the B-side song "White".
Because the track is single track and its full capacity is used by passenger trains it is hardly possible to operate special trains or freight traffic. Freight traffic is confined to the Gießen–Großen-Buseck and Fulda–Großenlüder sections.
As the Buseck brothers died unmarried and childless in 1860 and 1866, the heritage was passed to the son of their sister Caroline of Thünefeld (née Buseck). Rudolf of Thünefeld moved to Burgellern in the years of 1880. He turned the administration building of the chapter into a carriage house and built a pump house located in the castle grounds in 1896. It was established in the style of a romantic small castle and had a serving function in running the fountain in the castle grounds.
From 1821 on the castle was property of his sons Karl Theodor and Friedrich Carl of Buseck. During the time of their residence some important constructional modifications must have taken place. A lithography of Karl Theodor of Buseck, who was a painter, shows the baroque state of the double-winged structure in 1821. During the 19th century the tall mansard roof was replaced by a mezzanine and a low saddle roof. Afterwards there were classical alterations around the whole castle and in 1839 it received oriental decoration and furnishing inside.