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Examples of "busybox"
Programs included in BusyBox can be run simply by adding their name as an argument to the BusyBox executable:
BusyBox includes by default a lightweight version of netcat.
Sharing of the common code, along with routines written with size-optimization in mind, can make a BusyBox system much smaller than a system built with the corresponding full versions of the utilities replaced by BusyBox. Research that compared GNU, BusyBox, asmutils and Perl implementations of the standard Unix commands showed that in some situations BusyBox may perform faster than other implementations, but not always.
Toybox is licensed using the permissive BSD license, where BusyBox uses the copyleft GNU General Public License, which lead to different usage domains. Busybox is mostly used in the copyleft FOSS domain, while Toybox is used mostly with permissive licensed projects and by commercial companies (e.g. Google's Android which is an explicit target of toybox). Feature-wise Toybox has not reached parity with Busybox, Toybox offers currently only a subset of the Busybox functionality.
In 2007 Conservancy started coordinated GPL compliance and enforcement actions, primarily for the BusyBox project, see BusyBox GPL lawsuits. Later, the BusyBox maintainer Rob Landley who initially supported these lawsuits, regretted his decision and criticized the suing practice of the SFC.
It is included in GNU Core Utilities, Busybox and Toybox.
In late 2007, the BusyBox developers and the Software Freedom Law Center embarked upon a program to gain GPL compliance from distributors of BusyBox in embedded systems, suing those who would not comply. These were claimed to be the first US uses of courts for enforcement of GPL obligations. "See" BusyBox GPL lawsuits.
In early 2006 Toybox was started by Rob Landley after he ended his BusyBox maintainership due to a dispute with Bruce Perens, the original creator of BusyBox. In 2008 the project went dormant.
On December 14, 2009, SFLC announced the filing of a lawsuit against 14 companies, including Best Buy, Samsung, and Westinghouse alleging these companies had violated GPLv2 by distributing BusyBox in some of their products without releasing BusyBox source code.
Starting in 2007, several lawsuits were filed for infringement of BusyBox copyright and licensing. These lawsuits were filed by the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC), and some of the later managing developers of BusyBox.
The official BusyBox documentation lists an overview of the available commands and their command-line options.
Busybox would see that its "name" is "ls" and act like the "ls" program.
BusyBox is used by several operating systems running on embedded systems.
The BusyBox Web site provides a full list of the utilities implemented.
Toybox aims to provide a BSD licensed replacement for the GPL licensed Busybox.
BusyBox v1.14.2 (2009-07-29 17:47:47 PDT) multi-call binary
The G604T runs MontaVista and busybox Linux which allows a degree of customisation with customised firmware.
Several custom ROMs have been created adding various features, including EXT2/3/4 file system support and Busybox preinstallation.
floppyfw was a Linux distribution running BusyBox to provide a firewall/gateway/router on a single bootable floppy disk.
LEAF distributions typically include software designed to be economical in executable size, such as shorewall, uClibc, dropbear and busybox.