Synonyms for buut or Related words with buut

guwa              gondho              taak              ranibas              roung              khyab              ruessei              jhooth              pathara              dalag              saphai              shikast              haai              bitare              sralau              supakorn              boodi              bhee              ghund              namwong              heuy              mabaka              auka              hausten              panwali              batzuk              trabaek              vahu              nguu              khnor              taew              kunba              kilometr              boksingera              maralu              kaddu              khoriya              leten              kuey              sangkom              ramche              sornram              aabra              tunai              yakh              sambala              muniche              unchi              wongkrachang              darun             

Examples of "buut"
The F'Sherl-Ganni, or Gatekeepers, are a species of ten-handed, six-armed goat-lizards. They control the Wormgate Corporation, which mediated all FTL travel before the re-invention of the teraport by rogue scientist Kevyn Andreyasn. Their existence as a space-faring and technologically advanced species for over 6 million years has given them time to grow to be a galactic civilization. They live in vast Dyson spheres called "Buuthandi", which is a shortened form of the F'Sherl-Ganni phrase "Buut go buut-buut nnaa-nnaa cho handi", which roughly translates to, "This was expensive to build." (The literal translation is 'Expensive and expensive-expensive [expletive] we built'.) Since their habitats might be located anywhere in the galaxy and obscure any attempts to scan their worlds, their population is unknowably immense. Any foreign attempt to enter F'Sherl-Ganni territory or otherwise interfere in their affairs is met with a response proportionate with their clout. They use their control over the wormgates to make and interrogate copies of key people, and thus can essentially control everything in the galaxy.
Like GR spelling, B–C spelling uses contrasting unvoiced/voiced pairs of consonants to represent aspirated and unaspirated sounds. B–C also uses single versus double vowels letters to represent certain short + high versus long + low final vowels even in open syllables where the contrast does not exist: "buk", "buut", "baa", and different letters to represent the contrast in other cases: "sek", "sin". Some vowels are only long and do not use doubling to represent length: "ea, o, y".
A cultural delegation visited a cinema house in Sialkot, Pakistan in 1948. Mukhtar Begum (then a young girl in 1948), who was part of the delegation, sang the Punjabi song ""Kithhay gae yoon pardesia way"" from the film "Sassi Punnoon" (which starred Baalu and Aslam). Her performance was praised, and soon Mohammad Ali introduced his daughter to a noted stage drama writer and poet, "Nafees Khaleeli". Noting her determination, Khaleeli offered her a role in the drama "Buut Shikan", which she accepted. Nafees Khaleeli gave her the screen name of Sabiha Khanum.
The daily meal thali at an Umaidpurian home comprises – roti (wheat puffed bread or Makai ke roti), tarkaari (vegetables), daal (bean cooked in water), and bhat (boiled rice). Poultry, goat meat, Jhinga Masaledaar, Jhor Waali Machhli (fish curry) and eggs are generally cooked only on weekends or on a special occasion. Among all the varieties of food eaten by the Umaidpur people, Dal-Puri (Chanā Dāl or Moong Dāl Stuffed Pan-Fried or Deep-Fried Flat-Bread), Puā (Whole-Wheat or Flour Pancakes), Malpua (Whole-Wheat or Flour Pancakes in Simple Sugar Syrup prepared in milk), Kheer, triangular Sādā Paratha/Parauthā, round Āalu Paratha/Parauthā, Puri (Wheat-Flour Deep-Fried Puffed Bread), Kachori (Nigella Puri), Aloo Chokhā (Boiled potatod mashed with mustard oil, onion and green chili), Bajka, Baigan kā Bharta/Chokhā, Khichdi (Mix of Rice, Dal and several Vegetables), Dāl-Kaddu, Dāl-Pitthā, Buut kā Ghugni (black grams soaked either lightly/overnight in water and then sauted in mustard oil in a wok), Bhunjā generally eaten as a snack in the evening, Moori (puffed rice), Choora (puffed rice)- Dahi, Sattu - powdered baked gram, Tilkut [Makar-Sankrānti], Pirikia are the most famous cuisine. Among TARKĀRI (Sabzi, Vegetables), Bharwan karela, Ālu kā Bhunjiā (Potato Fries), Bhindi kā Bhunjiā (Okra Fries), Karelā kā Bhunjiā (Bitter Gourd Fries),Parwal kā Bhunjiā (Pointed Gourd Fries) are very popular.