Synonyms for buxifolia or Related words with buxifolia

caffra              congesta              ellipticum              brassii              cymosa              hirtella              spathulata              grewia              weinmannia              wahlenbergia              mucronata              jacquinia              laxiflora              brevifolium              radlk              plumosa              anomalum              auriculatum              populnea              meliosma              kosterm              alchornea              campanulata              domingensis              schlechteri              hexandra              corymbosa              puberula              entada              sessiliflora              ochrosia              lehmannii              oblongifolia              auriculata              hernandia              calcicola              marsdenia              lepidota              benthamii              micrantha              colorata              breviflora              habenaria              speciosum              drypetes              randia              leucopogon              gentryi              cuneifolia              macbr             

Examples of "buxifolia"
The genus "Eggersia", was named for him by Joseph Dalton Hooker. The species "Eggersia buxifolia" () is synonymous with "Neea buxifolia" .
The larvae feed on "Agauria salicifolia" and "Agauria buxifolia".
Valeriana buxifolia is a species of plant in the Caprifoliaceae family. It is endemic to Ecuador.
Bolivian national flowers are the "kantuta" ("Cantua buxifolia") and "patujú" ("Heliconia rostrata").
Peperomia buxifolia is a species of plant in the Piperaceae family. It is endemic to Ecuador.
"Osbeckia lanata" Alston. is synonymous with "Osbeckia buxifolia" var. "minor" Thwait. and "Osbeckia walkeri" var. "becketii" Triana.
The larvae feed on "Ehretia" species (including "Ehretia dicksoni" var. "japonica", "Ehretia laevis" and "Ehretia buxifolia") and "Cordia subcordata".
Prunus buxifolia is an uncommon South American species of plants native to the Republic of Colombia in South America.
Alyxia buxifolia, the sea box or dysentery bush, is a species of shrub in the Apocynaceae family.
The larvae feed on "Scutia buxifolia". The larvae feed in enrolled leaves. They often changed to a new leaf.
Philotheca buxifolia, commonly known as Box-leaf Waxflower, is a shrub in the family Rutaceae. It produces white or pink flowers.
In the prairies "Tala" (Celtis tala), "Molle rastrero" (Schinus longifolius), "Espina amarilla" (Berberis laurina) and "Coronilla" (Scutia buxifolia) thrive, and Cortaderia selloana can be found.
It is similar to the species "Bossiaea buxifolia", but may be distinguished by its longer leaves, petioles and pedicels and more distant leaf spacing.
Fernelia buxifolia is a shrub belonging to the Rubiaceae. It is found in the Mascarene Islands of Mauritius, Réunion, and Rodrigues.
Garrya buxifolia is a species of flowering shrub, known by the common names dwarf silktassel and boxleaf silktassel, in the "Garrya" genus.
Diospyros buxifolia is a tree in the Ebenaceae family. It grows up to tall. Inflorescences bear up to five flowers. The fruits are ellipsoid, up to long. The specific epithet "" is from the Latin, referring to the leaves' resemblance to those of the genus "Buxus". Habitat is forests from sea-level to altitude. "D. buxifolia" is found widely from India to Indochina and in Malesia as far as New Guinea.
Adults take nectar from highbush blueberry ("Vaccinium corymbosum"), sand myrtle ("Kalmia buxifolia"), chokeberries ("Aronia arbutifolia" and "Aronia melanocarpa"), black cherry ("Prunus serotina"), red maple ("Acer rubrum"), and rock cress ("Arabis" sp.).
The flora includes gramineous plants and shrubs such as the taya-taya ("Caesalpinia spinosa"), the quishuar ("Buddleja coriacea"), and the cantuta ("Cantua buxifolia") which was considered sacred by the Incas.
This species only occurs in the Andes of central Argentina, where it grows in rocky mountainous habitat at elevations between 2000 and 2600 meters. Associated flora includes "Nassauvia axillaris", "Berberis buxifolia", and species of "Ephedra" and "Adesmia".
In open spaces some Succulent fruits can be found: Chilean strawberry ("Fragaria chiloensis"), and calafate ("Berberis buxifolia"); they used to complement the nourishment of the (now almost nonexistent) native peoples.