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maeng              yeom              kyong              jyun              keum              kyoo              cheon              hyon              ryeon              daeseong              hyong              sangho              kyoung              byoung              seol              weon              myong              myoung              sunkim              kyoon              pyung              poong              haeng              gyeong              sejin              ryang              gwak              nyeon              gwong              jinho              chon              gwon              baik              ryong              hyeok              shik              jegal              eung              chil              yeong              yook              pyeon              yeop              neung              kyeong              jeok              heum              gyo              ryeol              chulpark             

Examples of "byeon"
Byeon Sang-byeok is renowned for his skillful depictions of cats and chickens, so he was referred to as the nicknames, "Byeon goyangi" (literally Byeon cat), and "Byeon dak" (Byeon rooster) during his lifetime. The "myojakdo" backs up the record in which Byeon favored cats and devoted to cat paintings.
Byeon Sang-byeok is renowned for his skillful depictions of cats and chickens, so he was referred to by the nicknames "Byeon goyangi" (literally "Byeon cat") and "Byeon dak" (Byeon rooster) during his lifetime. His representative paintings include "Myojakdo" (Painting of Cats and Sparrows), and "Hwajomyogudo" (Painting of Flowers, Birds, and Puppies). The cat in the picture is crouching and gazing at something, and seems ready to swiftly run off.
"(Korean: 까다로운 변선생; Starring: Byeon Kisu, Song Byeongcheol, Kim Kiyeol, Lee Jonghun, Kwon Jaekwan, Park Junhyeong, Byeon Seungyun)"
"(Korean: 고음 불가; Starring: Ryu Dam, Lee Sugeun, Byeon Kisu)"
Byeon Sang-byeok was a Korean painter of the Miryang Byeok clan during the late period of the Korean Joseon Dynasty (1392–1910). Byeon is famous for his precise depictions of animals and people in detailed brushwork.
Byeon Il-goo & Yoo Jang-mi's daughter. Wants to be a singer but is not talented.
"(Korean: 못말리는 변접관; Starring: Byeon Kisu, Jang Donghyeok, Song Yeonggil, Kim Huiwon)"
A South Korean court handed down a suspended one-year jail term to former presidential aide Byeon Yang-kyoon, with whom Shin was romantically linked. Shin and Byeon made headlines in 2007 after Byeon used his influence to get Shin hired by Dongguk University. He was forced to step down as an aide to then-President Roh Moo-hyun because of the scandal. Byeon was ordered to conduct 160 hours of community service for exercising his influence to provide state tax benefits to a Buddhist temple founded by a former Dongguk University official who helped hire Shin as a professor.
"(Korean: 사운드 오브 드라마; Starring: Yu Minsang, Byeon Seungyun, Heo Anna)"
"(Korean: DJ변; Starring: Byeon Kisu, Jeong Beomgyun → Lee Gwangseop, Kim Junhyeon | Previous Appearances: Kwak Hangu)"
"(Korean: 이글파이브; Starring: Park Junhyeong, Hong Gyeongjun, Yu Sangmu, Byeon Kisu, Heo Donghwan)"
"(Korean: 초고속 카메라; Starring: Yu Sangmoo → Lee Gwangseop, Yu Minsang, Byeon Seungyun)"
"(Korean: 방송과의 전쟁; Starring: Kim Daebeom, An Ilgwon, Byeon Seungyun, Park Seongho, Kim Hyeseon, Kim Jangkun)"
"(Korean: 인터뷰; Starring: Park Junhyeong, Jeong Jongcheol, Park Seongho, Sam Hammington | Previous Appearance: Oh Jiheon, Byeon Seungyun)"
Eunjong "JJu" Byeon (born February 23, 1983) is a retired "StarCraft" pro gamer and poker player from South Korea.
"(Korean: 귀막힌 경찰서; Starring: Song Wangho, Byeon Seungyun, Song Jungeun, Kim Jiho, Yang Sangguk, Park Yeongjin, Park Seongkwang)"
"(Korean: 대륙의 별; Starring: Jeong Seunghwan, Byeon Seungyun, Park Eunyeong, Park Seongho (13) | Previous Appearance: Noh Ujin)"
Byeon Yeong-tae was a South Korean politician. He was the fifth prime minister of South Korea.
Byeon Hyo-mun (1396–?) was a Korean civil minister ("munsin") from the Chogye Byeon clan during the early period of Korean Joseon Dynasty. He briefly served as a diplomat and an ambassador, representing Joseon interests in the " Tongsinsa" (diplomatic mission) to the Ashikaga shogunate ("Muromachi bafuku") in Japan.
His courtesy name ("ja") is Wanbo and pen name ("ho") is Hwajae. His birth and death dates are unknown, but was active in the mid 18th century during King Sukjong's (r.1674–1720) and King Yeongjo's reign (r. 1724–76). Byeon was praised for his excellent depictions of animals and people. He served as a royal painter of Dohwaseo, the office of painting and then as a "hyeongam", a magistrate of a small province. According to the book titled "Jinhui sokgo" (震彙續攷), Byeon Sang-byeok was especially excellent at depicting cats and chicken, so he gained nicknames like Byeon Goyang (trans. Byeon Cat) and Byeon Dak (Byeon Rooster). In addition, the book says that Byeon was famous for drawing portraits too, so he was also referred as "Guksu" (國手, a first class artisan) of the time, and his portrait works are over 100 pieces. Though, one of his extant portraits, the portrait of Yun Geup, an officer, does not show his excellent skills. He participated in drawing the portraits of King Yeongjo in 1763 and 1773.