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Examples of "byteflight"
Eclipse 500 jet aeroplanes use Byteflight to connect the avionics displays.
Byteflight is an automotive databus created by BMW and partners Motorola, Elmos Semiconductor and Infineon to address the need for a modernized safety-critical, fault tolerant means of electronic communication between automotive components. It is a message oriented protocol. As a predecessor to FlexRay, byteflight uses a hybrid synchronous/asynchronous TDMA based means of data transfer to circumvent deficiencies associated with pure event-triggered databuses.
Data Frame is called telegraph in Byteflight specification. Data frame start with a start sequence containing six dominant bits the start sequence is followed by one byte message identifier followed by a length field which contain the size of the data sent in bytes. Byteflight specification currently supports only data length up to 12 bytes, the length field is followed by the data field which may be up to 12 bytes in size the datagram then ends with a 15 bit CRC encoded in two bytes with the LSB left unused. All the bytes are cushioned in the beginning by a recessive start bit and a dominant stop bit.
Entegra Release 9 is considered a 3rd-generation integrated flight deck because it is built on a brand new hardware platform using a modular architecture, dual Byteflight digital databus, all new fully digital radio designs, and incorporating a unique Page & Tab user interface and QWERTY-style FMS control/display unit that are designed to dramatically reduce workload during single-pilot IFR operations.
iDrive introduced the first multiplexed MOST Bus/Byteflight optical fiber databusses with very high bit rate in a production vehicle. These are used for high-speed applications such as controlling the television, DVD, or driver assistance systems like adaptive cruise control, infrared night vision or head-up display.