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cheol              chul              kwang              hwan              gyu              hyung              woong              seok              hyuk              deok              seong              kyung              heon              beom              hyeon              keun              hyeok              myung              yeong              seung              shik              kyu              myeong              jae              wook              ryong              pyung              seol              kyoung              gook              suk              joong              joo              taek              ryul              geun              seon              deuk              byeong              seop              hyeong              kyong              byun              sook              ryeol              joon              yeop              baek              hyun              gyung             

Examples of "byung"
Lee Byung-hun () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Lee and the given name Byung-hun, and may also refer to:
- Lee Byung-ryul (Poet, Author of 『Attraction』)
Byung-doo moves to assassinate Min-ho at an after-party for his film. Min-ho manages to escape outside where he is captured by Byung-doo's underlings who are supposed to take Min-ho to a planned location for Byung-doo to meet them at. Upon arrival, Byung-doo is attacked by the Russian's thugs. Despite being outnumbered, Byung-doo manages to stumble away from his attackers, heavily wounded. He appears to be saved as his underlings arrive on the scene, however, they betray Byung-doo and kill him. Notably, Jong-soo, Byung-doo's former right-hand man and his lone accomplice in the Attorney Park murder, is present and appears to be leading the betrayal.
These murders don't leave Byung-doo without heavy emotional baggage, however. When Byung-doo's gangster tendencies frighten Hyun-joo away, Min-ho attempts to console Byung-doo who reveals to Min-ho his darkest secrets, including the hits on both Attorney Park and his former boss, Sang-chul.
Sang-chul becomes aware of the Attorney Park murder and feels threatened by Byung-doo's subversion of his authority and lack of consideration for the organization. To test his ultimate allegiance, he has Byung-doo's crew assist a Russian gangster (Hwang's rivals) in transporting sex slaves but falls short when it is ambushed by Hwang's men tipped off by Byung-doo himself. Hwang sets up a hit to take out Sang-Chul, while Sang-chul does the same to Byung-doo. Byung-doo murders Sang-chul without much incident.
Byung-hun, also spelled Byung-heon, is a Korean masculine given name. Its meaning depends on the hanja used to write each syllable of the name. There are 17 hanja with the reading "byung" and seven hanja with the reading "hun" on the South Korean government's official list of hanja which may be used in given names.
Byung-joon, also spelled Byong-joon or Byung-jun, is a Korean masculine given name. There are 17 hanja with the reading "byung" and 34 hanja with the reading "joon" on the South Korean government's official list of hanja which may be used in given names.
As the day goes on, the virus begins to spread rapidly, with the clinic doctor infecting a bus, the high-school student infecting her class and the small child infecting his daycare. Meanwhile, as Byung-ki is searching for the missing immigrant, Byung-woo's condition deteriorates, becoming feverish, having rashes on his face as well as vomiting blackened blood. Byung-ki immediately takes him to the hospital. After being sent to the emergency room, and determining that Byung-woo has a flu of unknown origin (FUO) the medical staff put him into an isolation room and called In-hae in to the hospital to help identify and treat his disease. Despite the staff treating him with dopamine and standard flu treatments, Byung-woo's condition got even worse. In-hae went through his belongings and located his cell-phone, finding the video he had taken earlier of the immigrants. They realize that the container had served as a culture-room, mutating the virus. In-hae asks Byung-ki about the container, hoping to find the source of the virus, but the trafficker refused to tell her anything, possibly fearing retribution from the authorities. As the situation between Byung-ki and the hospital staff became violent, Byung-woo's condition deteriorated dramatically, forcing the hospital staff to call a code-blue. By the time Byung-ki reached the isolation room, Byung-woo had already died, now fully showing symptoms identical to the dead illegal immigrants. During his struggle to reach Byung-woo, Byung-ki exposed several of the hospital staff to the disease by knocking off their masks and accidentally smearing Byung-woo's blood on their faces.
Criticism Kim Byung-Ik New Writing and Truth of Literature
Choo Byung-jik was 13th South Korean Minister for Construction.
Lee Nam Suk's teacher Byung In Yoon had founded the "YMCA Kwon Bop Bu" (권법무) in 1946. Byung In Yoon had studied Chinese Kung Fu (ch'uan-fa) under the guidance of a Mongolian instructor in Manchuria.
The parents of Yoon Byung-in suffered under the Japanese occupation of Korea and fled to Manchuria. After diligent efforts to impress a Mongolian Chuan-fa master, the child Byung-In was permitted to study Chuan Fa or Gung Fu.
Later that night, two traffickers locate the container carrying the illegal immigrants in the outskirts of Seoul. When they open the doors, they find the immigrants lying dead and covered with rashes and blackened blood. The traffickers, a pair of brothers named Ju Byung-woo and Ju Byung-ki, film the grisly and unbelievable scene on Byung-ki's phone as evidence to show to their boss. Byung-ki accidentally drops his phone on a corpse and as he reached for it, the sole survivor (Andrada) in the container revealed himself. After being unable to ascertain what had happened inside the container, the traffickers contained the immigrant inside of their van. On the way to deliver the man to their boss, the brothers stopped at a rest stop near Budang, with Byung-woo beginning to show signs of illness. When Byung-ki is distracted, the immigrant escapes from the van, and flees towards Budang itself.
Yoo's older brother, Yoo Byung-il (; born ), was the first member of Yoo's family who, on 11 May, appeared for questioning. Byung-il was the managing director of the religious facility called Geumsuwon. Prosecutors said they believed that Byung-il had received consultation fees of million (~) from Chonghaejin Marine each month, and that they had testimonies that he had illegally intervened in the company's management. Byung-il was arrested one month later on 13 June, near Geumsuwon. The prosecution team requested and was granted a pretrial detention warrant for Byung-il on 16 June. On 2 July Byung-il was indicted on embezzlement charges suspected of having received a combined million (~) from Chonghaejin Marine as consulting fees between June 2010 and April 2014.
Choi Byung-mo (born January 14, 1972) is a South Korean actor.
The K-League Best Goalkeeper award was won by Cho Byung-Deuk (POSCO Atoms)
The K-League Best Goalkeeper award was won by Cho Byung-Deuk Hallelujah FC)
Yoon, Byung-in (kneeling, center) with students during special weekend training session (ca. 1947).
No Byung-jun (; born 29 September 1979) is a retired South Korean football forward.
In 1938, citizen of Uiryeong, Lee Byung-chull, founded Samsung in nearby Daegu.