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Examples of "cagnard"
Fanny Cagnard (born 17 March 1981) is a French former competitive figure skater. She finished in the top ten at two World Junior Championships – 1997 and 1998 – and competed at three Champions Series events. After retiring from competition, she began coaching in Amiens.
Two tram lines over were opened in 1887. The two intersect at "Place Gambetta", one linking , the , Cagnard bridge, "Rue de Noyon" and "Rue Jules-Barni"; the other from the Church of Saint-Pierre at the racecourse, by the streets of Saint-Leu, Frédéric-Petit and Colbert.
Since 1920, the IPGS and the IPGP (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris) conducted research and geophysical observations non-stop, without interruption during the War. Between 1939 and 1945, the IPGS was relocated in Clermont-Ferrand, were the Diplômes d'Ingénieurs were signed by Louis Cagnard, a famous French geophysicist.