Synonyms for cajole or Related words with cajole

coerce              coerces              cajoled              cajoles              goads              reintegrate              goading              browbeat              shapeshifts              inveigled              tempt              goaded              guilted              hypnotise              bluffed              devolves              brainwashes              blackmails              brainwash              intimidates              shapeshifted              coaxes              reincorporate              goad              woges              delude              inveigles              lulled              deceives              shapeshift              forayed              matchmake              hypnotizes              devolve              indoctrinate              shoehorned              entereth              dragooned              metamorphosised              delve              tricking              parlayed              smuggles              intimidate              snuck              coaxed              guilts              dupe              digivolve              coercing             

Examples of "cajole"
The latter would tease, cajole and sit on visitors' laps or pose for photographs for a fee.
Facials were described in literature predating the modern age of pornography. In the metaphor-laden 19th century poem "Goblin Market", villainous goblins try to cajole a young woman to eat their forbidden, alluring fruits and attendant juices:
Nandalal Ojha is one of the few bad men in the novel. He knows how to cajole people to his own advantage. Those who does not make him happy becomes his enemy. He is really a dangerous person.
The work of Gerry Ortega did not end when a hired gun silenced his voice. It has been the cause of his surviving family to cajole a fractured legal system that is subject to influences to recognize the most dangerous men in the Philippines do not carry a gun. Instead, they are men that make a phone call.
The ship's genuine crew then arrive, as does Jasper. The sailors are very annoyed with their girlfriends, and the girls have to coax and cajole the sailors to take them back. Jasper has a tougher time with Pineapple Poll, who is still hankering after the Captain.
Eli Wurman (Al Pacino) is a Jewish publicist on the out, but all he knows is how to hustle and cajole, threaten and persuade. The hazy mania of his everyday life is fuelled by a steady stream of prescription drugs and alcohol.
His seminars at Berkeley quickly became famous in the world of mathematical logic. His students, many of whom became distinguished mathematicians, noted the awesome energy with which he would coax and cajole their best work out of them, always demanding the highest standards of clarity and precision.
His obituary in the "Guardian" stated that "Kastner was relentless in his pursuit of getting what he wanted. Mostly he wanted to entice well-known playwrights and novelists to write screenplays, or gain the rights of those works whose authors were no longer around to cajole."
A significant number of their Tamil speaking community were classed as "permanent professing Muslims". In the early 16th century, a Muslim named "Cajole" was the Port Captain of Pulicat. Streets with dilapidated masonry houses, once occupied by these Arabian Muslims, are still found in the area. Some remaining resident families claim records in Arabic testifying their migration to this area.
As part of the newly formed Creative Partnerships, Balshaw was tasked with bringing arts organisations and artists into partnerships with schools. A role which taught Balshaw "“a tremendous amount about how to inspire, persuade and cajole unlike partners into common goals”"
When Bibi takes Grandpere's "naughty" pictures to school and is discovered, his stern father Philippe forces him to apologize to his school-mates. Bibi is embarrassed and upset and tries to cajole Jacques into taking him away when he leaves. Although Jacques at first agrees, thinking that Bibi will be a companion, he quickly realizes that this would not be good for Bibi.
Mah (), originating from both Hokkien and Cantonese (嘛, "ma"), is used to assert that something is obvious and final, and is usually used only with statements that are already patently true. It is often used to correct or cajole, and in some contexts is similar to English's "duh". This may seem condescending to the listener:
The gang squares off against "Butch's Assassins" in a crucial football game. Star player Carl Alfalfa balks at participating, leaving it up to Darla to coerce and cajole him into donning his uniform. The climax of the game finds Alfalfa attempting a sixty-yard touchdown, despite the formidable opposition of his lifelong rival Butch.
[Feng Jia Wei's] parents candidly share their difficulty in a society that doesn't understand autism. Their desperation is evident as they coax and cajole Jia Wei through school activities intended to help him to communicate. Then we witness the moment when Jia Wei calls out "daddy" for the first time. These connections with the parents make this heartwarming movie wonderful to watch."
The third act revolves around married couple Roy and Norma Hubley on the wedding day of their daughter Mimsey, who has locked herself in the suite's bathroom and stubbornly refuses to come out. The segment is filled with increasingly outrageous slapstick moments depicting her parents' frantic attempts to cajole her into attending her wedding while the gathered guests await the trio's arrival downstairs.
In one of her performances as six-year-old girl, she refused to leave the stage and continued to perform energetically even after the time was over. Her mother had to shout at and cajole her to stop dancing. At the age of 9, she performed at annual festival of the Children's Little Theatre in Calcutta.
The basic expectation of one who engages in "tampo" is that the offending party will woo or cajole him or her out of the feeling of being unhappy. The Tagalog word for this is "amuin". This wooing and cajoling is done in a loving and tender way, a gesture called "lambing".
Joe's army comrades try to cajole him into responding to Carmen teasing, but she does not fit into his plans for the future: He intends to pursue a career in the airforce as a pilot, and marry his childhood sweetheart / LENA
Henry's reaction was to declare war against Scotland. This attempt to cajole Scotland into alliance was another episode in England's long history of antagonism with her northern neighbour. Henry VIII desired a diplomatic marriage that would neutralise the effects of Scotland's own international relations on his borders. The war was later called the "Rough Wooing".
Wallace disputed Palin's account. "The whole notion there was a conversation where I tried to cajole her into a conversation with Katie [Couric] is fiction". Wallace earlier had praised the channel, "We had no input on usage … we had no ground rules on the interview. I think that's pretty unprecedented. A lot of people negotiate platforms. We didn’t negotiate platforms or air dates."