Synonyms for cajoled or Related words with cajoled

goaded              goads              coerces              cajole              goading              bluffed              cajoles              inveigled              guilted              shapeshifts              guilts              dragooned              browbeat              coaxed              browbeaten              duped              coaxes              brainwashes              woges              intimidates              lulled              devolves              conned              shapeshifted              forayed              transmogrified              shoehorned              indoctrinated              inveigles              barged              prodded              suckered              blackmails              deceives              delved              railroaded              parlayed              blackmailed              coerced              snowballed              blundered              shamed              metamorphosized              coerce              browbeats              reintegrated              restrengthens              blundering              badgered              insinuates             

Examples of "cajoled"
According to the Fondation: "The painters who pushed and cajoled Spain into the modern era in
Comedian Jeff Foxworthy's comedy album "You Might Be a Redneck If..." cajoled listeners to evaluate their own behavior in the context of stereotypical redneck behavior.
She cajoled leading writers, musicians, adventurers, sportsmen and artists into appearing on the show. She did not want anything but the best for 'her' children.
Apiwan believed that privy council president Prem Tinsulanonda was the chief architect of the 2006 coup. He alleged that Prem had cajoled General Sonthi Boonyaratglin into overthrowing Thaksin by deceitfully invoking the king's authority.
Griffons do not particularly take to being told what to do. They do not mind being cajoled, bribed, or played with- and if these things lead them to do something their owner likes, then everyone is happy.
James Delinpole writing in "The Daily Mail" called the book "idiosyncratic and utterly fascinating... what this book captures well is how, little by little, ordinary Germans were bullied and cajoled into acquiescing with Hitler's insane plans."
Ziegenbalg and his collaborators aimed at spreading their printed work all over India. Consequently, their marketing strategies cajoled them to produce almanacs which were quite scarce in the country. A "Sheet Almanac" was printed and sold on the coast of Coromandel as well as in Malabar and Bengal.
Skelton was infatuated with his appearance on color television, and he cajoled CBS to colorcast the program (In 1961, Skelton also invested in three rental remote vans which had full live, film, and color videotape capability). Although visionary, the venture in color was premature and when it failed, CBS bought Skelton's facilities (formerly Charlie Chaplin Studios) as part of renewing Skelton's contract.
However a number of lawsuits were filed against the will. At death, Duke's fortune was estimated at $1.3 billion. The best-known lawsuit was initiated by Harry Demopoulos. In an earlier will, Demopoulos had been named executor and challenged Lafferty's appointment. Demopolous argued that Lafferty and his lawyers had cajoled a sick, sedated old woman into giving him control of her estate.
Kylie is sent to walk her infant sibling in a stroller. When she returns, there is a motorcycle parked in the driveway. She is cajoled by her mother to give her uncle a kiss. When he is leaving and comes to Kylie's bedroom to say goodbye, Kylie hides under her bed, where she has cash in a shoe.
On the subject of Pinot noir, Thompson has stated, "Even where it prospers, [Pinot noir] needs to be coaxed, wheedled, flattered, cajoled, cursed and (or) prayed over almost ounce by ounce through a series of crises that starts at the fermenters and lasts beyond bottling".
This album contains the band's biggest single, "Jackie Blue", which reached number three on the "Billboard" Hot 100 in 1975. The song was brought in by Larry Lee late in the session and recorded at the insistence of Johns, who cajoled Lee into altering his original lyrics about a drug-dealing friend into a fond ode to a free-spirited female loner.
At the age of 12, Chan began work experience in a local Yamaha music store, gaining access to innovative instruments like the Yamaha CP70 electric grand piano along with drum kits and a Rhodes piano. A determined teenager by 13, she cajoled her school into buying a double bass and reached the classical training standard of Grade 7 within three years.
In "The Trouser People: a Story of Burma in the Shadow of the Empire", Andrew Marshall recounts Scott's adventures as he cajoled and bullied his way through uncharted jungle to establish British colonial rule in the Shan States, where the administration was initially established at Fort Stedman but soon moved to Taunggyi.
Leonard is cajoled by Cecil to perform the lead in an opera. But Leonard makes a fool of himself, and that leads to a reconciliation with Doris. Cecil is outraged and vows never to see him again. Leonard returns to the contracting business and gives up singing.
Donоghue told the twins directly that he wasn't prepared to be cajoled into pleading guilty, to the anger of the twins. He then informed Read via his mother, who set up another interview in secret and Donoghue was the first to tell the police everything that he knew.
From the Norwegian arctic to the Sahara Desert, the volunteers will learn to survive in the world's harshest environments and endure some of the toughest military training around. They will be bossed and cajoled by physical trainers and survival experts as they bid to outdo and outlast each other.
The company declared bankruptcy on April 3, 1934, after reporting $2,088,000 in bank loans long overdue. For three years Franklin had "doggedly" fought off failure. He had "cajoled" his bankers into renewing bank loans that were equal to three times the company's current assets. Despite all hopes, reorganization plans fell through, and the company passed into bankruptcy and the hands of a receiver.
Asquith was never in doubt as to the correctness of his approach, although a deluge of correspondence urged him to save the country from Socialism. He wrote on 28 December "I have been intreated during these weeks, cajoled, wheedled, almost caressed, tortured, threatened, brow-beaten and all but blackmailed to step in as the saviour of society."
Mikkelsen left Copenhagen on 15 October 1685, arriving fully armed on 24 February 1686 on board the same Fortuna that had brought Milan to St. Thomas. In the meantime, Milan, warned from Copenhagen by his son Ferdinand, had secured (or "cajoled" as Westergaard puts it ) the plantationers of St. Thomas into putting up resistance against Mikkelsen, the "rascal".