Synonyms for cajoles or Related words with cajoles

goads              coerces              intimidates              shapeshifts              coaxes              inveigles              guilted              hypnotizes              browbeats              cajole              guilts              inveigled              hypnotises              cajoled              brainwashes              blackmails              woges              deceives              ingratiates              goading              sleepwalks              devolves              insinuates              bumbles              wheedles              goaded              purred              bluffed              parlayed              shapeshifted              shoehorned              restrengthens              snuck              coaxed              conned              delved              metamorphosised              smuggles              saunters              forayed              deludes              woge              sneaked              tempts              transmogrified              transmutes              lulled              suckered              wheedled              barged             

Examples of "cajoles"
6. The Crows kidnap Adelaide as part of a plan by J.G. Chicago to lure the backpackers and Pom into a trap. Afterwards, the vulture cajoles the campervan into working for him. Will he realise where his true loyalties lie?
Des (Martin Sacks) and Terri Tunkley (Joy Smithers) are a young, happily married but struggling couple about to take the big plunge and buy into the Great Australian Dream. Falling under the spell of a television advertisement extolling the joys of home ownership, Terri cajoles Des into making their first big financial commitment.
The story opens in church, where the winged narrator cajoles the adolescent Chet to buy a "Playboy" magazine he had seen for sale. Chet works up the courage to buy it at a convenience store a considerable distance from his house, in the hope that no one will see him there.
At Ground Control, Jinx brings the signal to Zach's attention and they prepare for the White Sands landing. With Andie injured, Kathryn fulfils her role as pilot, but begins fretting and doubting her abilities until Kevin cajoles and teases her into landing the shuttle.
Jojo cajoles Mary into taking a turn as a go-go dancer. A smashing success, she celebrates her good fortune with Fleetwood and Jojo, who has her in mind for his "mentor" Lou, a gaudy Los Angeles producer of "motion pictures" of the triple X genre, who's looking for fresh corn-fed talent ("Easy Money").
In a 2016 episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, "Josh and I Work on a Case," the eponymous character Rebecca cajoles the tenants of an apartment complex to sue their landlord in a parody of this song entitled "Cold Showers Lead to Crack".
, a confident and forceful student, cajoles , a misfit, into forming a manzai comedy duo together. Other characters include Meguna, Takashi's childhood friend and "fated partner", Kotomi, a yaoi fan who ships Takashi and Ayumu, Yuichi, a "class officer", and Nobuhiko, Takashi's soccer teammate who mediates between Takashi and Ayumu.
Another Jewish character, a nasal stereotypical voice; usually a fast-talking theatrical agent or impresario (e.g. "The Greenslade Story"), who cajoles actors in the wings with two broken legs to break another one. Based on a friend of the Goons. Occasionally appeared as a judge or magistrate. Sometimes called "Schnorrer". He was based on the impresario Lew Grade.
As night falls, Jimmy and Nucky visit Mickey Doyle's funeral parlor, a front for distilling alcohol. Mickey pranks Jimmy by giving him a drink of formaldehyde, and Jimmy attacks him, nearly compromising the operation. Scolded by Nucky, Jimmy demands more important work and implies that the war has matured him. Nucky at first cajoles him but ultimately challenges Jimmy to make his own opportunities.
Aboard a luxury liner, gambler John Francis Dugan makes the acquaintance of socialite Jeanette Foster, who has a reputation for using men to get her way. Jeanette cajoles him into sneaking her into First Class, where they see young Fred Curtis lose $12,000 at poker to a couple of oilmen, Belcher and Schmelling.
At the nightclub, Mel cajoles him to adapt a book for a movie. The hat-check girl, Mildred Atkinson (Martha Stewart), is engrossed in reading it and asks if she can finish, since she only has a few pages left. Dix has a second violent outburst when a young director bad-mouths Dix's friend Charlie (Robert Warwick), a washed-up actor.
In the fifth novel, the Guide Mark II is used by the Vogons to help them destroy all the many Earths that appear in the novels. By using "reverse temporal engineering" throughout the book, the Guide Mark II – which takes on the appearance of a bird with "Unfiltered perception" – cajoles the cast to their final destination at Club Beta on Earth to first re-meet Agrajag and then be destroyed by the Vogons.
This infinite or God (also The Reality) is the enticing and elusive dimension of our human life. God is ever approachable, but never attainable exhaustively. Like the horizon, that invites and cajoles us and recedes from us, God is always near and far at the same time. He bases this insight on scientific details like the lowest temperature reachable (t →0) and knowing that the beginning of Big Bang (T →0) and is like the "horizon", which is never fully attainable.
The "Washington Post" wrote "Nobody has mastered this new Washington game better than Thomas J. Donohue." "Tom is a bodacious, hard-charging, in-your-face kind of guy, which is not the style you see in Washington much anymore," W. Henson Moore of the American Forest and Paper Association told the "Post". He calls Donohue the George Patton of the trade association world. "Tom Donohue threatens, cajoles, badgers -- whatever it takes to get what he wants," consumer activist Joan Claybrook said.
The bar is alight with laughter, camaraderie, and wonderful drinks. Bob finds his head is no longer bleeding—with no injury and no blood on the rag—and he instantly fits right in, arm wrestling, chatting with the bartender, and treating everyone to drinks. As he cajoles, Spindler notices a somber-faced man and a gloomy-faced woman in the bar. Spindler does not worry about these people, though, as he consumes beer after beer.
Susan—now aware that Caesar can talk—sneaks into Jonathan's room in his absence to unsuccessfully speak with the dummy. Jonathan catches her coming out of the room and runs her off. Inside, Jonathan expresses a desire to flee, but Caesar cajoles him into carrying out the next burglary. The duo sneaks into the nightclub to break into the manager's office. However, they are caught by a night watchman after they steal money from the nightclub's safe. They manage to bluff their way past him by giving an impromptu routine.
The film centers primarily on the creation, mutation and recording of the songs in the studio - giving a privileged viewpoint as if one were a member of the band. Some members Fishbone felt that they were at a critical moment in the band's history, and that the sessions could lead to a mainstream breakthrough or a total breakdown. The seamless blend of multi-angle cinéma vérité and time lapse photography turns day to night and back again as the band pleads, cajoles, argues and uses every trick in the book to bring their music alive. "Critical Times" also delves into personal lives, politics, factions in the band and competing musical styles.
Nog is captivated by the girl's presence on the station and cajoles Sisko's son, Jake into going along to meet her. They arrive outside her cabin and are bickering when she opens the door. Bumblingly, they introduce themselves, saying they are an unofficial welcoming committee. She readily agrees to go with them to watch a ship arrive through the wormhole. There, Varis Sul is attentive when Jake speaks admiringly of his father. We learn that her parents were killed in the Cardassian invasion; Jake tells her his mother was killed in a Borg attack.
Aravindan, a college lecturer, falls in love with his student Radha and marries her. However, the couple's sexual life is a failure, causing intense agony to Radha's father, Panikkar who is keen to have grandchildren. When all other means fail, Panikkar approaches a psychiatrist, who finds out that Aravindan's inability to have sex with Radha may have something to do with his intense affection for his mother, who had died just six months before Aravindan met Radha. How the doctor cajoles Radha into solving her husband's illness forms the climax.
After Sarcasm wins the Preakness, Joe returns to New York, where Jean is back from Europe. Joe tells her that he will not be seeing her any more because he is going to marry Betty, and she cajoles $50,000 from him as a final "luck insurance" payment. Before Joe shows up with the check, however, Paul arrives at Jean's apartment. They argue when he sees that she plans to run out on him with the money. Jean threatens him with a gun, and during a scuffle, kills her.