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Examples of "calcicola"
Calcicola is a genus in the Malpighiaceae, a family of about 75 genera of flowering plants in the order Malpighiales. "Calcicola" comprises 2 species of shrubs or treelets native to Mexico.
Atalaya calcicola is a species of trees native to Northern and Eastern Queensland.
Eucalyptus calcicola is a mallee that is native to Western Australia .
Inga calcicola is a species of legume in the Fabaceae family.
Ballygally Head was (in 1983) the only recorded location of "Gelidiella" "calcicola" from Northern Ireland.
Ormocarpopsis calcicola is a species of legume in the Fabaceae family.
Daphne calcicola is a shrub, of the family Thymelaeaceae. It is native to China, specifically Sichuan and Yunnan.
Gelidiella calcicola is a rare seaweed species in the Rhodophyta, described for the first time in 1988.
There are two variants: var. aurantiaca is taller and grows erect, while var. calcicola grows more prostrate and irregularly.
"M. calcicola" is listed as "not threatened" by the Government of Western Australia Department of Parks and Wildlife.
"Eremophila calcicola" was first formally described by Robert Davis in 2016 and the description was published in "Nuytsia". It was formerly known as "Eremophila" sp. Parmango Road. The specific epithet ("calcicola") is derived from the Latin words "calx" meaning "lime" and "cola" meaning "dweller" referring to the soil type in which this species grows.
Shorea calcicola is a species of plant in the Dipterocarpaceae family. The species name is derived from Latin (' = limestone and ' = to grow) and refers to the preferred habitat of this species. It is a medium-sized tree, usually less than tall, found in mixed dipterocarp forest on organic soils over limestone. "S. calcicola" is endemic to Borneo.
Cycas calcicola is a species of cycad in the genus "Cycas", native to northern Australia in the northwest of Northern Territory.
Myrcia calcicola is a species of plant in the Myrtaceae family. It is endemic to Jamaica and is threatened by habitat loss.
Grevillea calcicola is a tree or shrub of the genus "Grevillea" native to a small area in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia.
Madhuca calcicola is a species of plant in the family Sapotaceae. It is a tree endemic to Peninsular Malaysia. It is threatened by habitat loss.
Nyctemera calcicola is a moth of the family Erebidae. It is found on Borneo. The habitat consists of upper montane forest on limestone.
"Melaleuca adopdocephala" subsp. "calcicola" was first formally described in 1999 by Bryan Barlow and Lyndley Craven in Australian Systematic Botany from a specimen collected in a nature reserve north-east of Condingup. It was raised to species status in 2010 by Craven, Lepschi and Cowley in "Nuytsia". The specific epithet ("calcicola") is derived from the Latin "calx" meaning "limestone" and "colo" meaning "I inhabit" referring to the presence of some specimens of this plant on limestone.
Banksia prolata" subsp. "calcicola is a subspecies of "Banksia prolata". It was known as Dryandra longifolia" subsp. "calcicola until 2007, when Austin Mast and Kevin Thiele sunk all "Dryandra" into "Banksia". Since the name "Banksia longifolia" had already been used, Mast and Thiele had to choose a new specific epithet for "D. longifolia" and hence for this subspecies of it. As with other members of "Banksia" ser. "Dryandra", it is endemic to the South West Botanical Province of Western Australia.
"Melaleuca calcicola" is a shrub growing to about tall with corky branches that are glabrous when mature. Its leaves are arranged alternately, long and wide, linear to narrow egg-shaped and slightly fleshy. The ends are pointed although not prickly.