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Examples of "calini"
Muzio Calini (died April 1570) was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Archbishop (Personal Title) of Terni (1566-1570) and Archbishop of Zadar (1555-1566).
He helped prepare the celebrations for 5 January 1779 to celebrate the accession to cardinal of Lodovico Calini. His brother Domenico, also engaged in this type of decoration, as well as architecture died at age 41 in 1768. The third brother, Giambattista born 1729, was a sculptor, painter, and writer of "Le Pitture e Sculture di Brescia".
In 1566, by order of the Pope Pius V and the Council of Trent and with assistance of Muzio Calini, Archbishop of Zara, Egidio Foscarari, Bishop of Modena, he helped Leonardo Marini (), Archbishop of Lanciano, to compose the famous Roman Catechism: "Catechismus Romanus vulgo dictus ex decreto Concilii Tridentini compositus et Pii V jussu editus".
On 17 July 1555, Muzio Calini was appointed by Pope Paul IV as Archbishop of Zadar. On 12 July 1566, he was appointed by Pope Pius V as Archbishop (Personal Title) of Terni. He served as Bishop of Terni until his death on In April 1570.
Mentioned for the first time in 1503, his first known work is a "Nativity" from 1507-1508, now in the Civi Museums of Pavia; in 1512 he painted a portrait of Gaston de Foix. Later Ferramola frescoed an "Annunciation" for the church of the Carmine in Brescia, and also painted for the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Brescia. He is also known for his frescoes painted for the Palazzo Calini in Brescia, one of which may be viewed in London at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
The current building was designed by the two teams selected through a competition in 1947: Leo Calini and Eugenio Montuori; Massimo Castellazzi, Vasco Fadigati, Achille Pintonello and Annibale Vitellozzi. It was inaugurated in 1950. The building is characterized by the linear lobby hall, a tall space of monumental dimensions. This great hall is fronted by full height glass walls, and is covered with a concrete roof that consists of a flattened and segmented arch, a modernist version of a barrel vault from a Roman bath. The vault is structurally integrated with a cantilevered canopy that extends over the entrance drive. The end result is a gravity-defying modernist structure that also recalls a similar achievement of Roman architecture. The back of the hall leads to a transition space of ticketing functions before reaching the train shed, and is topped by an even longer building block that houses a 10-story hotel, clad with travertine.