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Examples of "calligra"
The Calligra project shipped Krita Sketch/Gemini and the tablet-focused Plasma Active document viewer with Calligra 2.8. Calligra 2.9 ships Calligra Gemini, an enhanced version of Calligra Active with added document editing features and runtime switching between desktop and touchscreen interfaces.
On the Calligra team began releasing monthly snapshots while preparing for the release of Calligra 2.4.
Calligra Sheets (formerly "KSpread" and "Calligra Tables") is a free software spreadsheet application that is part of Calligra Suite, an integrated graphic art and office suite developed by KDE.
Calligra Words is a word processor, which is part of Calligra Suite and developed by KDE as free software.
Flow is a flowcharting and diagramming application for the Calligra Suite and has a user interface that is similar to Microsoft Visio. It is fully integrated into Calligra and can for example be embedded into Calligra Words.
Calligra Flow (formerly "Kivio") is free diagramming software that is a part of Calligra Suite, an integrated graphic art and office suite by KDE.
Calligra Stage (formerly "KPresenter") is a free presentation program that is part of the Calligra Suite, an integrated office suite developed by KDE.
In Autumn 2015 Krita was split off into a project independent from Calligra, with the then current 2.9 versions though still developed as part of Calligra 2.9.
Calligra Plan (formerly "KPlato") is a project management application that can create Gantt-style charts and is part of Calligra Suite – formerly included with KOffice.
KWord is a deprecated word processor and a desktop publishing application, part of the KOffice suite. It has been obsoleted by Calligra Words of the Calligra Suite.
"Calligra Active" was launched in 2011 after the Plasma Active initiative to provide a document viewer similar to "Calligra Mobile" but for tablet computers.
Calligra was created as a result of a split in the KOffice community in 2010, after disagreements between the core developers. Following arbitration with the community members, several applications were renamed by both communities. Most developers, and all but one maintainer, of particular applications joined the Calligra project. Three applications, Kexi, Krita and KPlato and the user interfaces for mobile devices have been completely moved out of KOffice and are only available within Calligra. A new application called Braindump has been added to Calligra after the split and KWord was replaced by the new word processor Calligra Words.
Calligra 2.4 launched with two mobile-oriented user interfaces: Calligra Mobile and Calligra Active. Calligra Mobile's development was initiated in summer 2009 and first shown during Akademy / Desktop Summit 2009 by KO GmbH as a simple port of KOffice to Maemo. Later Nokia hired KO to assist them with a full-fledged mobile version, including a touchscreen-friendly user interface which was presented by Nokia during Maemo Conference in October 2009. The first alpha version was made available in January 2010. Along with the launch of the Nokia N9 smartphone, Nokia released its own Poppler and Calligra-based office document viewer under GPL.
When Calligra Suite was formed, unlike the other Calligra applications Words was not a continuation of the corresponding KOffice application – KWord. The functionality of Words has largely been written from scratch – in May 2011 a completely new layout engine was announced. The first release was made available on , using the version number 2.4 to match the rest of Calligra Suite.
Initial reception of Calligra Words shortly after the 2.4 release was mixed. While Linux Pro Magazine Online’s Bruce Byfield wrote “Calligra needed an impressive first release. Perhaps surprisingly, and to the development team’s credit, it has managed one in 2.4.”, he also noted that “Words in particular is still lacking features”. He concluded that Calligra is “worth keeping an eye on”.
After the split of the KOffice developer community in 2010, the Kivio code was imported into the newly formed Calligra project and picked up by a new maintainer who renamed the application to "Calligra Flow". A stable release was made along with the rest of Calligra Suite 2.4.
In April 2014 Intel and KO GmbH extended the promotion deal to Gemini versions of Stage and Words On 28 August 2014 the first snapshot of Calligra Gemini was released by KO GmbH for Windows. On 21 November 2014 KDE announced that Calligra Gemini would officially be released as part of Calligra 2.9. As with Krita, this Gemini release adds a touchscreen interface to Words and Stage and users can switch between desktop and touch mode at runtime. Calligra Gemini is a continuation of Calligra Active and Sailfish Office developments but with added editing capabilities. On 19 October 2014 a Linux version was presented.
The Calligra team originally scheduled to release the final 2.4 version in January 2012 but problems in the undo/redo feature of Words and Stage required a partial rewrite and caused a delay. Calligra 2.4 was released on .
Calligra uses the OpenDocument format as its default file format for most applications and can import other formats, such as Microsoft Office formats. Calligra relies on KDE technology and is often used in combination with KDE Plasma Workspaces.
In 2014, development of Calligra Gemini with official support for Windows was announced.