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Examples of "calme"
- Olivier Reneau, "Calme blanc", in Technikart, Paris, n° 19, février 1998.
2010 "Calmes aventures au Pays du Matin Calme" – Magazine #80: « Culture coréenne » "Korean culture", Paris.
He was also featured in Zoxea's song "Reste calme" and in DJ Blast's "Un homme à part".
In October 2008, the bestowed him the Prix Amerigo Vespucci for his novel "La Traversée du Mozambique par temps calme".
Prospective and current members are evaluated by the group's traditional "five C" motto: Caractère, Courtoisie, Calme, Charme et Cuisine.
Luxe, Calme et Volupté is an oil painting by the French artist Henri Matisse. Both foundational in the oeuvre of Matisse and a pivotal work in the history of art, "Luxe, Calme et Volupté" is considered the starting point of Fauvism.
In 1881, a criminal fire causes the burning of 267 hectares in the forest of La Calme, near the Our Lady of Font-Romeu hermitage.
The second movement, ‘Calme”, begins with alternating sixteenth note figures in the flute and clarinet, accompanied by pizzicato ‘cello and bass. This segment is marked by its intense chromaticism. The second ‘movement’ lasts about 85 seconds.
The term comes from Middle English calme, from Old French, from Old Italian calmo, from Late Latin cauma, "heat of the day", the "resting place in the heat of the day", from Greek kauma, burning heat, from kaiein, to burn.
All songs were written and composed by Yann Tiersen. The Married Monk collaborated on all pieces except "La Relève" and "L'Étal". Yann Tiersen sings on "Les Grandes Marées", "Tout est calme", "La Relève", and "La Terrasse".
It is the first part of Maw Pécas's "Saint-Tropez" trilogy, the two other movies being: "Deux enfoirés à Saint-Tropez" and "On se calme et on boit frais à Saint-Tropez".
In 1834, Balzac stayed in the commune, with Laure de Berny, at the "Calme Logis" of Madame de La Valette. He wrote there "Un drame au bord de la mer", which is set in nearby Le Croisic.
Aggregates are produced by Gamma Civic Ltd. and United Basalt Products Ltd.; fertilizers, by Mauritius Chemical and Fertilizer Industry; salt, by Mont Calme; and semi-manufactured steel, by Consolidated Steel. These companies are privately owned.
Many of the Fauve characteristics first cohered in Matisse's painting, "Luxe, Calme et Volupté" ("Luxury, Calm and Pleasure"), which he painted in the summer of 1904, whilst in Saint-Tropez with Paul Signac and Henri-Edmond Cross.
Mdvanii was also represented in Paris through a boutique-gallery which was entirely decorated in Schiaparelli "Shocking" pink and Paul Poiret-inspired furniture designed by the artists along with originals by Poiret's school of design called "Atelier Martine". On the door was written ""Luxe, Poupées et Volupté"", paraphrasing Charles Baudelaire’s famous words "“Luxe, calme et volupté”."
The work ends with ‘Rondemont’, which returns to the frenzied sound of the work's beginning. The pastoral feeling (aided by the clarinet) returns, having been absent during the ‘Calme”. The work builds increasing tension as it approaches the final cadence, finally ending on a Bb Major 9 chord. This ‘movement’ lasts about 60 seconds.
On se calme et on boit frais à Saint-Tropez (""Let's calm down and drink fresh in Saint-Tropez"") (1987) is the last movie made by French film-maker Max Pécas. It is also the last one of his "Saint-Tropez" trilogy.
During an interview for L’Express, Ruiz says that she started recording her fourth album after going to Cuba alone to take a break. The title of her album is "Le calme et la tempête". It was released on December 3, 2012. This album was also a success with 150 000 copies sold.
Patrick Defossez returned to playing piano solos in 2012. He composed "Le livre de… Matin calme", a suite where he reflects upon sound and time, ‘in suspension, repeated, renewed, held in check, infinite’, a score that is ‘turned towards a thousand dawns’.
After "François Coupé" (1973), Alain Borer has made “book-objects,” collages ("Calme", 1987), and numerous books in collaboration with artists (for example, on Touareg jewellery with Kaïdin), which he signs off under the pen name “Jaseur boreal.” An exposition of his photographs, "La Sanglinière", was presented in the château de Tours in April 2007.