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cingolani              sanvito              donini              casadio              audero              creminon              ponzoni              musiani              bottino              plebani              rugarli              taroni              logozzi              ranelletti              ballabio              pozzan              venerando              resnati              tecce              rimoldi              fattorusso              biffoni              consonni              bougueleret              pastorino              brunati              acali              gamido              sarubbi              campagnoli              naggi              granchi              meroni              andreola              pedone              bignozzi              fontemaggi              iezzi              bussolati              ghio              brentani              scielzo              scarselli              altucci              faggioni              terracciano              grifantini              bellosta              verderio              cossarizza             

Examples of "camaioni"
Franco Bitossi (born 1 September 1940) is an Italian former professional cyclist. He was born in Camaioni di Carmignano.
This claim may be further investigated by examining the functional origins of pointing. It is possible that the pointing exhibited by other species is different in purpose and origin from the pointing said to be indicative of a developing psychological understanding. The former, referred to as imperative pointing, was originally described by Vygotsky (1978) as pointing which begins in an attempt to reach for a desired object. When another retrieves the desired object, the individual learns to associate the gesture (typically hand and all fingers extended outward) with a communicated intention to acquire the desired object. However, research suggests not all points develop in this way. A study by Bates, Camaioni and Volterra (1975) distinguished between imperative and declarative gestures. Imperative gestures were described as those directed at an adult in order to obtain an object, while declarative gestures were those simply intended to obtain adult attention. Both types of gestures are social in nature; however, declarative pointing is thought to be linked to more advanced social understanding. Declarative gestures may involve more complex social and cooperative skills, linked to the development of communication skills (e.g. Liszkowski et al., 2005). For instance, Camaioni and colleagues found that declarative pointing was related to an understanding of adult’s intentions, while imperative gestures were not related.