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Examples of "camocha"
The former mining railway that once linked the coal mine of La Camocha to Veriña has been replaced by La Camocha Greenway, a trail for hikers and cyclists.
The town rose surrounding the La Camocha coal mine.
The famous La Camocha coal mine (closed 2007) was located in Vega. The mining town of La Camocha (including "El Vaticano" and "Ciudad Virginia" barrios) is located in the mine surroundings.
The polls in La Camocha mine were won by CC.OO.. La Camocha had been the birthplace of CC.OO.. CC.OO. got 637 votes (14 seats) against 376 for UGT (8 seats). The Socialist Party general secretary Felipe González visited La Camocha during the election campaign.
La Camocha is a former coal mine which is seven kilometers south of Gijon, Asturias, Spain. It was operated by Minas la Camocha SA, which is affiliated with González y Díez SA.
Sociedad Deportiva Atlético Camocha is a Spanish football club based in the neighbourhood of La Camocha, in the Asturian parish of Vega, Gijón. Founded in 1955, it currently plays in Primera Regional.
Sporting de Gijón B was founded as "Club Deportivo Gijón" in 1960. Because the club started in the lowest level in Asturias, Segunda Regional, Real Gijón used other clubs to promote its youth players such as La Camocha. In 1970, La Camocha was replaced by "Deportivo Gijón" as sole affiliate after both clubs were to start in Primera Regional. La Camocha eventually became an independent club and was renamed "Atlético Camocha Sociedad Deportiva". Deportivo Gijón finished as runner-up in 1971–72 and lost the promotion play-off to "C.D. Acero" 3–8 on aggregate, promoting to the fourth level two years later after winning the regional league.
Sociedad Deportiva La Camocha was founded in 1955, and in 1966 reached an agreement with Sporting de Gijón to become its reserve team. In 1968, SD La Camocha was absorbed by Sporting and its rights in Tercera División finally acquired by the main club of Gijón and changed the name of the club to "Club Atlético Gijón". SD La Camocha would continue existing after changing the name to SD Felgueroso, other local club.
The trade union movement "Comisiones Obreras" (CC.OO.) was born in the La Camocha mine.
After the end of the 1969–70 season, Sporting Gijón dissolves Atlético Gijón for only having one reserve team (Club Deportivo Gijón, current Sporting de Gijón B). Finally, on 6 July 1970 is created the current SD Atlético Camocha after the merge of SD La Camocha and Atlético Gijón.
La Camocha is a mining neighbourhood located in the rural district parish of Vega (Gijón / Xixón) in the Principality of Asturias, Spain.
In 2006–07, Juanele had brief amateur stints with Atlético Camocha and TSK Roces, both in the Asturias regional leagues, retiring from football altogether at the end of the campaign.
"Sociedad Deportiva La Camocha" was founded in 1955, joining the Royal Spanish Football Federation two years later. On 30 July 1966, the team signed an agreement to be affiliated with Real Gijón as their reserve team.
The AS-I is a highway in Asturias, Spain that connects Mieres and Gijón. It is also known as "Autovía Minera" because of its travel through the mining towns in Asturias like Mieres or Langreo, passing near La Camocha coal mine before finishing in Gijón.
For many historians, one of the first places where the Workers' Commissions were formed was the vally of Laciana (province of León), within the Minero Siderurgica de Ponferrada (MSP) industry. Another place that sometimes is also cited as the first is "La Camocha" mine (Gijón) in 1957, during a strike. The Asturian miners' strike of 1962 ("La Huelgona") was the first massive action of the union and one of the first massive popular mobilizations against the Franco regime.