Synonyms for campneuseville or Related words with campneuseville

broussey              huchenneville              saulchoy              veauville              mosnac              meigneux              envronville              domvast              pontarion              annouville              lanhouarneau              henneveux              ranguevaux              moriville              coingt              tressin              soues              troisvaux              osmery              doudelainville              maresquel              ecquemicourt              bignicourt              marenla              houvin              ernemont              concoules              hamelincourt              bougneau              vittoncourt              maizicourt              cambout              pierrerue              remaugies              fossieux              serques              heuqueville              bussiares              honskirch              rouairoux              bellaffaire              limeyrat              goutrens              vignely              gommerville              criquetot              callengeville              maconcourt              waltembourg              gelucourt             

Examples of "campneuseville"
It was a former commune of Normandy, and has been joined to Campneuseville in 1823.
Monchy-le-Preux is a hamlet in the commune of Campneuseville, in the Seine-Maritime department of France.
Campneuseville is a commune in the Seine-Maritime department in the Haute-Normandie region in northern France.