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kayakers              canoeists              paddlers              windsurfers              kayaker              kitesurfers              boaters              playboating              kayaking              waterskiing              kitesurfing              kiteboarding              snowmobilers              canoeing              sailboarding              kneeboarding              snorkelers              snowboarders              snowmobiling              picnickers              bodysurfing              riverboarding              windsurfing              snorkelling              sledding              watersports              powerboating              skimboarding              canyoning              canyoneering              wakeskating              wakeboarding              pedalos              canoe              bodyboarding              paddler              triathletes              rafting              yachtsmen              sandboarding              wakeboarder              snowshoeing              toboggans              skiers              kayaks              windsurf              wakesurfing              keelboats              wakeboarders              parasailing             

Examples of "canoers"
The river is slow-moving, making it ideal for canoers.
The top three finishers in each of the two semifinals advanced to the finals, joining the three canoers who had moved directly from the heats. All other canoers were eliminated. The semifinals were raced on August 25.
Petawawa is a favourite stop for outdoor enthusiasts, anglers, hikers, canoers, and kayakers.
A total of 119 canoers from 19 nations competed at the Berlin Games:
Three Cuban canoers and one kayaker have qualified for the Olympic Games.
Semerwater attracts canoers, windsurfers, yachtsmen and fishermen. There are three small settlements nearby:
Pfeffer capsized in the water midway through the final and had to be rescued by watercraft following the canoers.
Twelve canoers competed in the semifinals on August 27. The top three finishers in each semifinal advanced to the final.
Prior to the start of the meeting, several slalom canoers had a discussion with the ICF on the future of slalom canoeing. Among those in the discussion were ICF President Perurena, Slalom Championships jury chair Fox, and slalom canoers Tony Estanguet (France), Michal Martikán (Slovakia), Pavol Hochschorner (Slovakia), Peter Hochschorner (Slovakia), Elena Kaliská (Slovakia), and David Florence (Great Britain).
The river is popular with kayakers and canoers due to its sections of white water and attractive scenery, and flows through the Barrington Tops National Park.
Nearby Sakinaw and Ruby Lakes are noted for their trout fishing in season. They are also freshwater havens for canoers and kayakers.
A multiple winner by the President of Bulgaria, Ognyana Dusheva was nominated as one of Bulgaria's ten-best women sprint canoers in the 20th century.
The Frog Portage, whose upstream endpoint is located about by water above the rapids on Kecheokagan Lake, allows canoers to bypass the rapids.
Simionov spent his entire career with CSA Steaua București, and after retiring from competitions stayed there as a coach. Since 1991 he trained canoers in Mexico.
Rivers in the area allow for clearwater canoeing and rapids for various levels of canoers and kayakers. This area is also known for its salmon fishing during season.
There are many attractions and hot spots in Wexford County. The Manistee National Forest is one recreation site. The Manistee River is used by fishermen, kayakers, and canoers.
Catamount is currently accessible to hikers and snowmobilers. McLeod Pond is a popular destination for local fishers and canoers. Catamount State Forest is managed by the Mohawk Trail State Forest.
Kaavinkoski excursion harbour is by the Kaavinkoski Canal. The harbour is near the bridge of Tuusniemi-Luikonlahti road. The harbour is suitable for both boaters and canoers. The depth of the shipping route to the harbour is 1.5 metres.
The pair qualified by winning the 2012 Pan American Championship, and winning the US trials. His father and Larimer's father were also both competitive canoers, even training together on the Chattahoochee River.
Kaavinkoski excursion harbour is near the bridge of Tuusniemi-Luikonlahti road. The harbour is suitable for both boaters and canoers. The depth of the shipping route to the harbour is 1,5 metres.