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Examples of "canpass"
"CANPASS Air" allows program participants flying into Canada by commercial airline to pass quickly through Canadian customs and immigration at major Canadian airports. CANPASS Air takes advantage of iris recognition technology built into CANPASS machines at airports to identify users. Since the NEXUS air and land programs were merged in 2007, there is little reason for most people to join CANPASS Air since NEXUS provides a broader range of services, including expedited Canadian and U.S. immigration at Canadian airports, for a much cheaper price (the $50 CANPASS Air membership must be renewed annually, while the $50 NEXUS membership is valid for five years.) The most likely reason to use CANPASS rather than NEXUS is that a person is deemed ineligible for NEXUS by the U.S.
Cooking Lake Airport gained approval in 2015 for private and corporate international flights from the United States under Canada's Border Agency CANPASS Program.
"CANPASS Private Aircraft" program allows operators of private aircraft frequently flying directly into Canada from the United States to access more airports and providing expedited clearance.
"CANPASS Corporate Aircraft" program allows companies operating an aircraft that frequently flies directly into Canada from the United States to access more airports and provides expedited clearance.
"CANPASS Private Boats" program allows people operating personal watercraft in international waters frequently crossing into the United States access to an increased number of docks upon returning to Canada along with expedited customs and immigration clearance.
The Canadian Passenger Accelerated Service System (CANPASS) is a suite of Canada Border Services Agency programs in place to streamline customs and immigration clearance for pre-screened, low-risk, frequent travelers. Canadian and U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible.
"CANPASS Remote Area Border Crossing" program allows people to cross the border at remote areas in Ontario from Pigeon River to Lake of the Woods and the Canadian shore of Lake Superior.
Similar to the NEXUS agreement between the US and Canada which coordinates their Global Entry and CANPASS Air programs, FLUX coordinates between the US Global Entry and Netherlands Privium programs. It is envisioned to include other countries as well; Canada has voiced interest as well as Germany, the United Kingdom, and Japan.
Visitors to Canada must report to a Canada Customs office before going ashore in Canada. However, US and Canadian citizens and permanent residents traveling on the lake who wish to go ashore can apply for a CANPASS Remote Area Border Crossing (RABC) permit allowing them to enter into Canada without reporting to Canadian customs. Boaters entering US waters from Canada, and who are citizens or permanent residents of the US and Canada, can apply for the Canadian Border Boat Landing Program (I-68 Permit Program) which allows them to report to US Customs and Border Protection by telephone. With proper documentation, these permits can be obtained at the US and Canadian customs offices located near the International Bridge in International Falls and Fort Frances, respectively.