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Examples of "capanni"
The film's soundtrack includes funk and soul music from the 1970s, including the song from which its title is based, featuring versions from The Jackson Sisters and Mark Capanni.
The first Aquarello album, "Friendly Game", was released under the three artists names but is listed as the debut Aquarello album in the discography on Roedelius' official website. Fabio Capanni played a wide variety of instruments on the album, including electric and acoustic guitar, piano, synthesizer, marranzano, and bouzuki. The trio were joined by Arlo Bigazzi on "Friendly Game", who in addition to serving as producer, played recorder and bass. He also co-wrote the song "Fiori" with Roedelius and Capanni and share arranger credits with the three members of Aquarello. "Friendly Game" was released by the Italian label Materiali Sonori in 1992.
Aquarello was a musical group which blended ambient music and jazz. The trio included keyboardist Hans-Joachim Roedelius, based in Austria, and two Italian musicians, multi-instrumentalist Fabio Capanni, and saxophonist Nicola Alesini. They were active between 1991 and 1998, recording and releasing three albums.
Neverless is a collaboration between ambient composers and musicians Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Morgan Fisher. Basic tracks were recorded at Roedelius Studio in Austria and The Handmade Studio in Tokyo. Tracks were overdubbed and mixed by Morgan Fisher at The Handmade Studio between July, 2002 and August, 2003. All tracks were composed or improvised by Roedelius and Fisher with the exceptions of "However" by Roedelius, Fisher, and Felix Jay, and "Inparticular" by Roedelius, Fisher, and Fabio Capanni.
The bell tower has three bells, made by Capanni company. The one who sings the musical note "A" is the largest, it weighs 340 kg and it has as its frieze of the image of the Madonna. The other two sing "B" and "D flat", they weigh 230 and 162 kg. And are decorated respectively from the figures of Saints Ambrose and Saint Charles. They were blessed by Don Franco Perlatti October 2, 1994.
After an introduction by Walter Robotka of Klanggalerie, a label which had previously released works by both artists, Roedelius sent Morgan Fisher a number of recordings including two collaborative pieces, one with guitarist Fabio Capanni, whom Roedelius had worked with in his Aquarello project, and the other with guitarist Felix Jay. Fisher added layers of music and sound to the material to complete the project. The two men never met until after the album was completed. Roedelius and Fisher gave a joint concert in Vienna in October, 2005. Neverless was released on the Klanggalerie label on November 21, 2005.
The Jackson Sisters were Jacqueline Jackson-Rencher, Lyn Jackson, Pat Jackson, Rae Jackson and Gennie Jackson. They recorded material for the Tiger Lily Records label, obtaining some modest success in the 1970s. However the group really came into their own nearly a decade later, following the emergence of the rare groove scene in the UK. Many of their songs were written by Johnny Bristol. "I Believe In Miracles", their hit song, was written and originally recorded by Mark Capanni in 1973. The track reached #72 in the UK Singles Chart in June 1987.
On August 1st 1940, all British ships in the Mediterranean coordinated to implement Operation Hurry, whose intent was to convey 12 Hawker Hurricane fighters to Malta to strengthen the defensive capabilities of the island. General Cagna attacked with his SM79 the British H Force from Gibraltar, but off the Balearic Islands his plane, flying at the ceiling of 2,500 meters to center more effectively the enemy ships, was hit by violent anti-aircraft fire and crashed into the sea, killing him and all his crew, including Lt. Colonel Capanni and 2nd Lieutenant Guglielmo Pallavicini.
The first football society was founded in 1898 and was known as "Florence Football Club", an English name. This was common in that period as football was still very much an English game. This club was aristocratic. In 1902 a group of young people (among them Italo Capanni, Mario Meloni and a young man by the name of Galluzzo, who would in the future have a relative play for Fiorentina) founded another team, "Itala F.C.". The grounds were located in the Campo di Marte area. A year later in 1903, another club appeared, "Club Sportivo Firenze", initially dedicated only to cycling and other minor sports, but later including football. In 1908 a group of people including Oreste Gelli founded "Firenze Football Club", that played their matches at grounds called Prato del Quercione, at Parco delle Cascine.