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Examples of "cariacature"
Tom James Wolfe began woodcarving at the age of 12. He has become one of America's leading wood carvers with nearly 50 books in print with Schiffer Publications to date. Tom currently resides in Spruce Pine, NC and teaches classes several times a year at his workshop on Grandfather Mountain, as well as at the John C. Campbell School in Brasstown NC. In recent years Tom has taught classes in New Jersey, Tennessee, and Canada. Tom is a lifetime member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild, having been awarded this distinction in 2006, and can be found demonstrating and selling his original wood carvings at many of the Guilds shops several times throughout the year. Tom's main area of artistic exploration is what is referred to as Cariacature Carving. He is a member of the Cariacature Carvers of America(the CCA), an association of like-minded Artists who work to further the craft and the public's greater appreciation and understanding of it.
Panning over the cheering crowd, the camera reveals a singing Heidi on the cover of her eponymous book, a literal "Thin Man" (a cariacature of William Powell as Nick Charles) walking over into the "White House Cook Book" and coming out fat, Whistler's Mother on the cover of a "Great Works of Art" book performing literally, and three "Little Women" (three Jane Withers clones) and three "Little Men" (three Freddie Bartholomew clones) singing together with Old King Cole (spoofing deep-voiced Warners character actor Eugene Pallette), the characters of "The House of the Seven Gables" (seven identical caricatures of Clark Gable), and a drumming bulldog intended to parody "Bulldog Drummond". Next Louis Pasteur (a cariacature of Paul Muni in his Oscar-winning role) mixes chemicals from test tubes until they blow up, revealing Pasteur in "Seventh Heaven". Also appearing is Captain William Bligh from "Mutiny on the Bounty" (caricaturing Charles Laughton's portrayal of him). None of this pleases a sleeping Rip Van Winkle; the hermit complains, "Old King Cole is a noisy old soul," while using the Valiant Little Tailor's scissors to snip hair from the title character of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" to plug his ears.
David Ley, author of "Millionaire Migrants: Trans-Pacific Life Lines", described it as an "imagined" term bringing an "exaggerated cariacature" that was "fabricated" by media in North America and Hong Kong. Ley argued that "The motivation for presenting this entity was in part satirical, possibly on occasion racist". Miro Cernetig of the "Vancouver Sun" wrote that the term Hongcouver was "an era's impolitic catch-phrase for the xenophobia and palpable occidental unease in Vancouver at the prospect of a profound upheaval in society." Nathaniel M. Lewis, author of "Urban Demographics and Identities," described the term as "derogatory." Anu Sahota of the "CBC" described it as an "offensive term". Katie King, the author of "Networked Reenactments: Stories Transdisciplinary Knowledges Tell", wrote that Vancouver was "lampooned in economic racist terms" through the word "Hongcouver".