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Examples of "carletti"
Carletti was born in Novi di Modena, Emilia-Romagna.
He founded Nomadi in 1963, together with Beppe Carletti, Franco Midili, Leonardo Manfredini, Gualtiero Gelmini and Antonio Campari, remaining the historical co-leader of the band together with Carletti.
Raoul André (May 24, 1916 in Rabat (Morocco) - November 4, 1992) was a French director and screenwriter, He was married to actress Louise Carletti (December 1955), and he is the father of Ariane Carletti.
Carletti is an Italian surname. Notable people with the surname include:
In 1961, Beppe Carletti and Leonardo Manfredini formed the group I Monelli (‘Urchins’).
Angelo Carletti di Chivasso died on April 11, 1495 at the convent of St. Anthony at Cuneo.
Giuseppe "Beppe" Carletti (born August 12, 1946) is an Italian musician, founder and keyboardist of the band I Nomadi.
In 1962, Carletti met Franco Midilli, guitarist of the group Novellara, who joined them in Monelli. In 1963 Franco Midilli introduced Augusto Daolio to Beppe Carletti and he too joined the group. In that year the band’s name was changed to "Nomadi".
Carletti has always distinguished for his humanitarian and social engagement. He founded a hospital in Cambodia and Vietnam where girls victims of slavery were helped.
The last track of the second disc, "Come Potete Giudicar", is the version recorded in 1992 by Augustus Daolio, Beppe Carletti, Dante Pergreffi, Cico Falzone and Daniele Campani on the album "Ma Noi No".
Cristóforo Chrisostome Carletti (1 April 1564 – 1634) was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Auxiliary Bishop of Calahorra y La Calzada (1624-1634) and Bishop of Termia (1622-1627).
Massimiliano Carletti (born 8 November 1973, in Foligno) is an Italian football Goalkeeper who currently plays for A.S. Gualdo Calcio. He made three appearances in Serie C2 for Foligno Calcio.
On 20 May 1633, he was consecrated bishop by Domingo Pimentel Zúñiga, Bishop of Osma, with Juan Bravo Lagunas, Bishop Emeritus of Ugento, and Cristóforo Chrisostome Carletti, Bishop of Termia, serving as co-consecrators.
We Are Not Married (French:Nous ne sommes pas mariés) is a 1946 French-Italian comedy film directed by Bernard-Roland and Gianni Pons and starring Louise Carletti, Claude Dauphin and Loris Gizzi.
In Christian times Lystra had a bishop. It is included in the Roman Catholic Church's list of titular sees, the most recent titular bishop having been Bishop Enrique A. Angelelli Carletti in the 1960s, later Bishop of La Rioja, Argentina.
Blessed Angelo Carletti di Chivasso was a noted moral theologian of the Order of Friars Minor; born at Chivasso in Piedmont, in 1411; and died at Coni, in Piedmont, in 1495.
The original 1963 formation of six was founded in Reggio Emilia: Augusto Daolio (vocals), Beppe Carletti (keyboards), Franco Midili (guitar), Leonardo Manfredini (drums), Gualtiero Gelmini (sax), Antonio Campari (bass).
Gambara desired to become a nun but complied with the desire of her parents to embrace marriage and so dedicated herself to serving her husband while at the same time learning to detest his excessive lavishness and the pomp of his noble court. Her friend and confessor was Blessed Angelo Carletti whom she and her husband later attributed the latter's cure to.
In September 2012, DNSimple acquired RoboDomain, Inc. which provided a domain management service (RoboDomain) and a WHOIS software as a service (RoboWhois). Simone Carletti, the RoboDomain, Inc. founder joined DNSimple as the first official full-time employee of DNSimple. RoboDomain was discontinued at the end of 2013.
The Minardi M190 was a Formula One car designed by Aldo Costa and Tomasso Carletti and built by Minardi for the 1990 Formula One season. The car was powered by the Cosworth DFR V8 engine and ran on Pirelli tyres. It failed to score any points for Minardi.