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Examples of "carlo_confalonieri"
Carlo Confalonieri (25 July 1893 – 1 August 1986) was an Italian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops from 1967 to 1973, and Dean of the College of Cardinals from 1977 until his death. Confalonieri was elevated to the cardinalate in 1958.
Pope Paul VI appointed him to the titular see of Ceramus (with the rank pro hac vice of Archbishop) and as the Coadjutor Archbishop "sedis datus" of Quito on 7 February 1964. He received his episcopal consecration on 19 March 1964 in Rome from Cardinal Carlo Confalonieri. He succeeded to the metropolitan see of Quito on 23 June 1967 after serving as coadjutor.
Three popes have been elected from former conclavists, including Pope Pius VI (a conclavist in the 1740 conclave). Other conclavists have later been elevated to the cardinalate, such as Pierre Guérin de Tencin (1721), Niccolò Coscia (1724), Christoph Anton Migazzi (1740), and Carlo Confalonieri (1922).
John Paul I's funeral was held in Saint Peter's Square on 4 October 1978, celebrated by Cardinal Carlo Confalonieri. In his eulogy of the late pope, he described him as a flashing comet who briefly lit up the church. He then was laid to rest in the Vatican grottoes.
The document, written in Italian, contains an explanation of several decisions made by Pope Paul VI as to the disposal of his estate and personal belongings of value. It was read before the College of Cardinals by the Camerlengo Jean-Marie Villot and Dean of the College of Cardinals Carlo Confalonieri.
When Felici pronounced the new pope's forename, some members of the crowd below thought that the aged Dean of the College of Cardinals, Carlo Confalonieri (a non-participant in the conclave because he was over the age limit), had been elected; upon hearing his surname, some also thought he was an African or even a Japanese. More confusion ensued when it was thought that the new pope was Ugo Poletti, the vicar for Rome, after an Italian newsreporter announced, "Polacco!" ("Polish!"). John Paul II appeared on the balcony at 7:15, and while gripping the balustrade, broke precedent by delivering a brief speech before his first "Urbi et Orbi" blessing in Italian:
On 17 May 1967, Civardi was appointed Secretary of the Sacred Congregation for Bishops by Pope Paul VI, and later Titular Archbishop of "Serdica" on 26 June of that same year. He received his episcopal consecration on the following July 16 from Pope Paul himself, with Bishops Augusto Gianfranceschi and Jacques-Paul Martin serving as co-consecrators, in St. Peter's Basilica. As Secretary, Civardi served as the second-highest official of that dicastery, successively under Cardinals Carlo Confalonieri and Sebastiano Baggio. In January 1968, Civardi visited Cardinal Giacomo Lercaro, and informed him of the Pope Paul's decision to accept his resignation as Archbishop of Bologna.